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NAIA Scholar-Teams

Point Park U. athletics has 8 of 11 teams named NAIA Scholar Teams for 2012-13

July 16, 2013 at 11:15 a.m. ET

The Point Park University women's cross country team led the Pioneers athletic department with a 3.50 GPA this year.


PITTSBURGH -- The Point Park University athletic department had eight of its 11 varsity sports teams named NAIA Scholar Teams for the 2012-13 academic year, as announced by the NAIA national office last Friday (July 12, 2013). NAIA Scholar Teams are ones that have a team grade-point average of 3.0 or higher.

The Point Park women's cross country team brought home the title of best team GPA in the Pioneers athletic department with a team GPA of 3.50. Women's cross country also had a good year athletically finishing fourth at the KIAC Meet and sending two individual runners to the NAIA national meet in Hana Jiraskova and Lindsay Dill.

There were a total of 898 NAIA teams regonized as NAIA Scholar Teams across the country. Lee (Tenn.) University women's golf was named the NAIA Scholar-Team of the Year with a national-best team GPA of 3.93. Point Park women's cross country fell into the top 15 percent of all NAIA teams across all sports in the country with its 3.50 team GPA.

Also with a very strong year in the classroom was Point Park softball, which came in second in the department with a 3.40 team GPA. Volleyball was close behind at 3.36, and women's basketball and men's cross country were next in a tie at 3.31. The men's cross country team had the highest GPA among the men's sports at the school.

The other three NAIA Scholar Teams for Point Park were women's golf (3.19), women's soccer (3.17) and men's soccer (3.12). Falling short of the 3.0 needed for NAIA Scholar-Team status but still turning in solid years were baseball (2.95), men's golf (2.89) and men's basketball (2.62).

For a complete listing of NAIA Scholar Teams by school, by sport or by GPA, visit the NAIA release at the link above.


Point Park University Athletics -- Team GPAs for 2012-13 School Year (NAIA Scholar Team 3.0+)

Sport Team GPA NAIA Rank By Sport**
Women's Cross Country 3.50 20th
Softball 3.40 T-18th
Volleyball 3.36 42nd
Women's Basketball 3.31 21st
Men's Cross Country 3.31 T-19th
Women's Golf 3.19 37th
Women's Soccer 3.17 T-56th
Men's Soccer 3.12 T-20th
Baseball 2.95 NA
Men's Golf 2.89 NA
Men's Basketball 2.62 NA

**NAIA Rank By Sport taken from list of NAIA Scholar Teams By Sport. Rankings for teams with less than 3.0 Team GPA not available.