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Point Park University's Pittsburgh Playhouse

A classic theater viewing experience in Downtown Pittsburgh

A state-of-the-art Pittsburgh Playhouse in Downtown Pittsburgh will yield the dual advantage of providing Point Park’s Conservatory students with a venue to prepare them for a professional theater experience, as well as supply the 40,000 non-students who annually attend Playhouse productions with a classic theater viewing experience.

Playhouse Rendering-Academic Village Thrust Theater and Studio Theater
A 250-seat thrust theater will feature arena seating and a 30’ wide, 30’ deep thrust opening into a 45’ high fly system. A 60’ x 60’ studio theater will accommodate an audience of 150 with flexible seating.

Proscenium Theater
This 400-seat theater will feature a 40’ wide proscenium, large orchestra pit, green room, dressing rooms, chorus rooms, and enough backstage space for professional theater productions.

Residence Hall
The complex will include student housing in an exciting urban location closely integrated with performance and teaching spaces.

Forbes Avenue Lobby, Exterior Balcony and Retail Space
The lobby’s three-story light well brightens retail and social space. Visitors move along upper and lower concourses tied to an exterior balcony, a lively arcade over Forbes Avenue.

Production and Teaching Areas
All three theaters will share access to a 10,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art production area, which will include five large teaching and rehearsal spaces.