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Rising to the Occasion

A Faculty Member and Alumna Takes Her Dance Career to New Heights
By Kate Beard Miller

Kiesha Lalama-White (COPA 1995) is fast-becoming a familiar name in the dance world. She is living her dream and all the while balancing the needs of her family. Rather early in her career as a choreographer and dance educator, she has been recognized in Dance Magazine's "25 to watch in 2009," commissioned to choreograph works for the Houston Met and Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, and even choreographed a dance scene in Paramount's remake of Sorority Row which is due in theaters this October. Lalama-White has accomplished all of this from her Pittsburgh roots with family as her number one priority.

"It's taken me years to realize that I'm only truly going to be happy as a mother and as a wife if I'm happy in my life and my life is choreography and dance. So that's how I find the balance," said Lalama-White, who is also working on a master's degree in interdisciplinary arts at Goddard College.

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Progress Toward a Dynamic, Urban Campus

One year into the making of the Academic Village at Point Park University
By Cheryl Valyo

A year after unveiling the Academic Village at Point Park University, the $244 million campus and public enhancement space plan already well on the way toward transforming the University and Downtown Pittsburgh, Point Park has made significant strides toward making the initiative a reality.

At a news conference and campus luncheon for business, government and community leaders on April 23, the University announced the results of a study conducted by the Pennsylvania Economy League on the Economic Impact of the Academic Village and provided an update on design and construction.

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A Silver Lining in the Time of Economic Stimulus

Students and Graduates of Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology Contribute to a Better and Brighter Tomorrow
By Kate Beard Miller

As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed earlier this year, Point Park engineering graduates are benefiting from a surge of funding for ready-to-go projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors. In contrast to rising unemployment, there is great demand for engineers across all disciplines and Point Park's Department of Natural Sciences and Engineering Technology continues to produce a skilled engineering workforce to meet the demands of the future.

After all, engineers help to keep our nation functioning in many unseen ways. Here are just a few stories of Point Park alumni and students who have contributed to the advancement of their professions, while making our world a better place.

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