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A Long Way

Point Park has come a long way, from Point Park Junior College, to Point Park College and now Point Park University. I remain a proud alumnus. Thank you.

Jim Desch (BUS 1970)
Harrison City, Pa.

Playhouse Past and Future

The new Playhouse in downtown Pittsburgh will be beautiful (“Ready for a New Stage,” Winter 2015). It will benefit not only the Conservatory of Performing Arts programs and the entire University, but will truly connect the Playhouse to the Downtown Pittsburgh arts community. I am also happy to see that the plans for the new building include several theatres that will be able accommodate everything from large, main stage shows to smaller, more intimate productions. That has always been an important characteristic of the original Playhouse in Oakland. As a theatre graduate who worked on numerous stage productions in the 1970s, I have a deep love and affection for the original Playhouse. I’ve made a life in entertainment and have worked in theaters all over the country, and there are none that feel as comfortable to me as the Rockwell Theatre. It’s my favorite stage in the world. My hope is that the new Playhouse will also offer some of the unique intimacy, and sense of history, that so many alumni appreciate in the Oakland original.

Marty Schiff, Theatre Arts 1979
Pittsburgh, Pa.

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