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Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for the eight page article on my uncle Dr. George White (The Point, Fall 2014), and thank you to whomever thought to send me a copy. I am thrilled … George's family had the opportunity to visit [Point Park], and learn more about George and Kathy's interests, last fall.  Dr. Paul Hennigan, Dr. Herman Reid, Professor Ed Scott and members of the University, arts and civic groups, and historic preservation groups gave the family a crash course on many of the Whites' Pittsburgh interests.  The Whites moved to Pittsburgh almost 30 years ago and fell in love with the city. We are proud of what my uncle Dr. George White and Mrs. Kathy White did for the city of Pittsburgh. Thank you,

Jennie Moe Ehrmann
Milwaukee, Wis.

Dear Editor,

Great story on the Whites’ transformational gift (The Point, Fall 2014). As the first vice president for development, I remember when George walked into my office for the first time, unannounced, and said that he and his wife [Kathleen] -- he always included her in everything -- wanted to get involved with Point Park College. President Matt Simon had just received the Bank Center building as a gift from Mr. Ryan and wanted it to become Point Park’s library. George was delighted in the library center project and wanted a tour of the property. I introduced him to Dr. Simon and a relationship began that has led to this ultimate gift from George and Kathleen. I believe we all stand on the shoulders of those that came before us, and the subsequent administrations, faculty and staff have done a wonderful job of cultivating the family over the years. I should also mention George was a sharp businessman and investor who needed much assurance that Point Park was here to stay given the financial issues in the past. He was convinced our vision for Downtown was the right one and the current [University] leadership has kept that vision alive. The Whites were gracious and generous with their time and money and as a graduate of Point Park I am proud that their urban vision will continue through this magnificent gift. I also believe that we must preserve our institutional memory as we pass the half-century mark. There is much good to remember and celebrate and other legacy gifts to look forward to.

Malcolm Woodall (A&S 1971)
Conway, S.C.

Dear Editor,

I am a 1976 Point Park graduate and just finished reading the latest edition of The Point.  As a side note, I majored in journalism and communication and wrote for The Point way back when. That being said, I would encourage Point Park alumni to check out the website www.collegesportstraditions.com. My dear friend Stan Beck has authored a book on college sports traditions and we are one of the few colleges not included in the book. He will author a follow up and I would like our school to be included. His book has taken the college sports scene by storm, and he is has been invited to numerous college sporting events to sign his book and witness traditions. They range from Ohio State to Middlebury College in Vermont. After you check out the website (and read the book), please feel free to send a Point Park tradition to stan.beck@collegesportstraditions.com or submit via the Send a Tradition form on the website. He would love to see how we own downtown Pittsburgh.

Stanley R. Clymer, Jr. (COM 1976)
Cocoa, Fla.

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