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Bomb Threat

What to do in case of . . . Bomb Threat

Receipt of Call

  1. Remain calm and attempt to obtain as much information as possible from the caller. Ask the caller to repeat the message and record every word. If possible, get a co-worker to call the University Public Safety Dispatch Center at x2222 or direct dial 412-392-3960 while you continue talking to the caller.
  2. If the caller does not indicate the location of the bomb or time of detonation, ask for this information. Note if the caller appears familiar with the buildings.
  3. Obtain as much information from the Bomb Threat Checklist as possible. Listen closely to the voice of the caller to determine voice quality, sex, age, accents, or words used repeatedly. If the caller is talkative, ask questions such as: what is your name, where are you?
  4. Note background noises such as a motor running, music, train whistle, sirens, airplanes, etc., which could indicate the location of the caller

After Receipt of Call

  1. Immediately call the University Public Safety Dispatch Center at x2222 or direct dial 412-392-3960.
  2. Notify your immediate supervisor that you have received a bomb threat and have called the University Public Safety Dispatch Center. Do not state the nature of the call to anyone else.
  3. Complete the Bomb Threat Checklist. Remain at your location until the Public Safety Officer arrives. The officer will interview you regarding the call and take the checklist.


  1. The Vice President of Operations or designee will determine if an evacuation is necessary and coordinate the evacuation of the building/s. Do not evacuate until told to do so by the Department of Public Safety; evacuation routes may be unsafe. Follow Public Safety instructions. Move well away from the building. Do not congregate in one area.
  2. Public Safety personnel will allow no one to enter a suspected building except authorized personnel. The Director of Public Safety will decide when re-entry is permitted.

Search Procedures

  1. The Director of Public Safety or designee will be in charge of the search. The search will be conducted by the University Public Safety or other individuals authorized by the Director of Public Safety.
  2. Under no circumstances should faculty, staff, or students touch or move a suspected bomb. Notify the Public Safety Dispatch Center or the Director of Public Safety of any suspicious objects.

Bomb Threat Checklist