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Course Registration

Registration is critically important. It is the recurring process through which students gain entry to the classes they wish to attend. Only students officially registered for a given section of a given course may attend class, earn a grade, and receive credit for their work.

New full-time students will receive instructions from their counselor about how to register during the admissions process. Entering part-time, accelerated and graduate students must register through the Office of Graduate & Adult Enrollment. Contact the office at ptenroll@pointpark.edu  or 412-392-3808.

Registration is the responsibility of the student. An appointment with your faculty advisor should be made prior to registration to review your selection of academic classes and obtain the proper signatures on the registration form or registering for classes via PointWeb. Full-time students who register for more than 18 credits must have the approval of their department chairperson or academic dean. Students on probation who want to register for more than 12 credits (full-time) or 6 credits (part-time) must have the written approval of the dean or assistant dean.

Registration and schedule changes become official only when officially stamped by the registrar or approved via PointWeb by an advisor.

New Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students for Spring 2016


Please look for information from our Center for Student Success to assist you in preparing your first semester course schedule. A welcome packet will be mailed home with more registration information shortly.


Registration for new transfer students begins Monday, Nov. 9, 2015. Transfer students preparing to enter in the spring term will be assigned a success coordinator to assist you in creating your semester course schedule. 

We look forward to your arrival on campus!

Current Students

PointWeb Guide: Online Registration (PDF) 

Spring 2016 Registration Schedule

Spring Registration Begins Monday, November 2, 2015

Cl ass Level Earned Credits Day of Week Date
Graduate   Monday Nov. 2
Accelerated   Monday Nov. 2
Post-Bac   Monday  Nov. 2
Seniors 105+ Monday Nov. 2
90 - 104 Monday Nov. 2
Juniors 70 - 89 Tuesday Nov. 3
60 - 69 Wednesday Nov. 4
Sophomores 30 - 59 Thursday Nov. 5
Freshmen  0 - 29 Friday Nov. 6

** Registration for each class level begins on the date assigned above and continues until January 2015 **

** Online registration opens at 8:30 a.m. on each respective date **

** Office of the University Registrar opens daily at 8:30 a.m. **