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Cross Registration

The purpose of cross registration through the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education is to provide opportunities for enriched educational programs by permitting full-time paying undergraduate and graduate students to cross register for one course at any of the 10 PCHE institutions. These institutions are:

Carlow University
Carnegie Mellon University
Chatham University
Community College of Allegheny County
Duquesne University
LaRoche College
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Point Park University
Robert Morris University
University of Pittsburgh

Point Park students should not cross register for a course that is offered at Point Park during the semester unless there are exceptional circumstances. Students may not cross register for classes that are ineligible for transfer as outlined in the catalog. Students in good standing who are paying full-time Point Park tuition are eligible.

The PCHE course may count toward full-time status. There is no additional tuition charge, except for special course or laboratory fees. Point Park students do not acquire status at the host institution, but have library and bookstore privileges. Credit and grades are transferred directly to Point Park. Cross registration does not apply during the summer or during intercessions.

Cross Registration Eligibility Guidelines
PCHE Cross Registration Form Instructions
PCHE Cross Registration Drop/Withdrawal Form (Best used with Internet Explorer)
PCHE Cross Registration Request Form (Best used with Internet Explorer)

To cross register, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the form linked above electronically. You must provide your current mailing address and phone number. This is the host institution’s only way of contacting you. If you are registering for a course at the University of Pittsburgh, include both the course number and the CRN number listed in their catalog. You will then print the completed form in order to obtain advisor approval.
  2. Submit the approved form to the Office of the University Registrar before host institution’s add/drop deadline.
  3. The host institution will inform you by mail if you are accepted into the course or if you need to complete additional steps to register.
  4. The course will be added to your Point Park schedule once approval is received.

If you choose to audit or take a course pass/fail, then you must indicate that on the request form prior to submission to the Registrar’s Office. Contact the host institution if any additional paperwork is required. If you choose to drop a PCHE course, you must notify the Office of the University Registrar at Point Park prior to both the Point Park and the host institution’s drop deadline.