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Computer Service Center

Why hop on a bus and drag your computer out to a retail repair center when you can have it done right on campus? The Computer Service Center (CSC) is a recent addition to the Information Technology Services department. Its mission is to provide students, staff, and faculty with quick and professional service for a number of frustrating computing problems. The CSC also offers FREE warranty service on all computers purchased through the Computer Purchasing Program. Worried about the wait? Loaner laptops are provided to students, staff, and faculty when available.


Services Offered

The Computer Service Center offers a wide range of services at rates that are significantly lower than the retail repair centers. In addition to the already low rates, anyone that purchases a computer via the Computer Purchasing Program will receive a 10% discount on any non-warranty services performed. For more information, please click CSC Services.


Computer Service Center Hours

Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


CSC Contact Information:

CSC Location: 403 Academic Hall
CSC Telephone Number: (412) 392-6141
CSC Email Address: csc@pointpark.edu