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Core Curriculum

The foundation of a Point Park University degree

The philosophical foundation that supports the implementation of the Core Curriculum stems directly from the Point Park University Mission Statement:  Point Park University educates students in a diverse urban environment and prepares them to apply knowledge to achieve their goals, advance their professions and serve their communities.  Accordingly, the Core Curriculum has been designed to provide each student with opportunity to function as a problem solver, an effective researcher, and excellent communicator.

The Core Curriculum allows students to integrate knowledge and insights from diverse fields, such as computer and information literacy, literature, mathematics, natural and social sciences, mass communication, and the arts. All core courses emphasize the development of critical thinking and written and oral communication skills.  The core courses are designed to work together, regardless of the order in which they are taken. The Core Curriculum emphasizes interactive learning: students are encouraged to venture opinions, to think independently, and to seek creative solutions to intellectual, moral, and practical challenges. Thus, the Core Curriculum serves not only to promote understanding among an increasingly diverse student body, but also prepares students to participate responsibly in our highly technical, democratic society.

Core Curriculum Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Core Curriculum, students will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate how the academic disciplines interrelate.
  • Think independently and solve problems.
  • Find, evaluate and use information effectively from a variety of sources, both traditional and technological.

The Core Curriculum has been tailored to meet the specific needs of individual programs. Core requirements will therefore differ slightly in content from program to program. Core requirements include 42 credits (36 credits for majors in the Department of Natural Science and Engineering Technology and the Conservatory of Performing Arts.) The courses included in the core curriculum for each major can be found on Program Guides or in individual School Catalogs. Courses that may be included in the Core are listed below:


CMPS 111
Information Literacy or CMPS 110 Introduction to Computer Literacy
ENGL 150 English Composition I
ENGL 151  
English Composition II
ENGL 250
World Literature I or ENGL 251 World Literature II
ENGL 250 or 251 PHIL 100 Intro to Philosophy or PHIL 215 Philosophy of Religion
COPA 250
Arts and Human Experience I
COPA 251 Arts and Human Experience II
HIST 150 Introduction to the Study of History
MATH 150
The Mathematical Experience or MATH 180 College Algebra or MATH 190 Calculus
NSET 110 Introduction to Natural Sciences I
NSET 111 Introduction to Natural Sciences II
POLS 250 Introduction to the Study of Government Systems or POLS 102 American National Government
PSYC 150 Psychological Foundations
SOC 150
Sociological Foundations or SOC 105 Marriage and the Family or SOC 111 World Cultures or GCS 175 Introduction to Global Cultural Studies