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Rowland School of Business

Accelerated Business Program FAQ


Jennifer Patterson completed a bachelor's degree in business at Point Park University while working full time at BNY Mellon. Three months later she received a promotion. Through Point Park's accelerated business program, Jennifer Patterson earned the degree she wanted — and a promotion.

How is the Accelerated Business program structured?  

This program is offered fully online or in a hybrid format (combination of online and face-to-face classes in a Saturday-only class schedule) over two years in the fall, spring and summer semesters. You’ll take two courses at a time. Courses are generally seven weeks long with two seven-week quarters per semester. Therefore, you are taking four courses per semester. Please note that the option for a slower-paced class schedule is also available.

What types of classes will I take in the program?  

Students will take a variety of business classes. View the program courses.

Do I have to be enrolled full time?

No, the option to complete your degree at a slower, part-time pace (six credits per semester instead of 12) will be available in addition to the full-time cohort model.

How many credits can I transfer into the program? 

A maximum of 60 credits can be applied to the program. All students enrolled in the program are required to complete 19 required classes and one elective (300 level or higher offered through Point Park University's School of Business). To learn more, visit the page for transfer students

Do I have to take the classes in a specific sequence?

Yes, the program is designed with many of the classes building upon each other. Therefore, it is very important that students take classes with their cohort in the specifically designed sequence.

What happens if I need to take a semester off?

We understand that occasionally unforeseen situations occur that require students to miss several classes (e.g. travel for work, etc). In cases such as this, a student may have to take a semester off. Upon returning to the program, we will attempt to place the student within a cohort taking the classes that the student would have taken had they not been off for the semester.  Although we will try to work with students who need to take a leave of absence, we cannot guarantee that the classes will be offered in the sequence a student needs them. (In other words, a student who takes a leave of absence, must understand that it will delay his or her graduation date).

Do I have what it takes to be successful in this accelerated degree program?

This program will require you to be self-disciplined, doing homework outside of class to prepare for the on-site courses. While these programs require a significant investment of time, effort and monetary resources, the outcome will help you to achieve your career aspirations faster than traditional delivery systems. 

Are there any breaks during the program?

While the program is aggressive, there are breaks that provide students with time to recoup. There are breaks between semesters and also long holiday breaks. In addition, a student only takes two classes during each summer. Therefore, students have approximately two months off each summer.

What you can expect from being in a cohort group?

During your program, you will become part of a team, where you will develop teamwork skills that will enhance your ability to integrate into teams in your career. As you go through the program in a cohort group, the team that you work with will become a strong support system during your program.  You will work in your team for class projects and presentations, and gain all of the benefits from the different perspectives and knowledge each student brings to the group. These groups may also lead to greater knowledge of different career paths and possible job opportunities.

What options are there for tuition reimbursement?

Check with your employer about the type of tuition reimbursement that may be available to you. The employer tuition reimbursement plan at Point Park may help you to decide if an accelerated program is the right choice for you. 

How does the admissions process work?

Visit the part-time admission page to find the application form, application fee and other requirements.  

What is the tuition for the accelerated business program?

View the schedule of tuition and fees.