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Student Internship FAQ


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To obtain college credit for an internship experience, students must register for the internship during the spring, summer or fall term. If a position becomes available midway through the semester, a student can register for the internship in an upcoming term. Students recommended for internships are usually juniors or seniors with a Q.P.A. of 3.0 or higher. 

SAEM funded internship recipient April Weber
SAEM major April Weber discusses
her internship
with Images Concepts Events.

A total of 200 hours worked is required to receive three college credits. This averages between 12-15 hours per week for a 15-week semester.  The student and his or her supervisor will arrange the student's work schedule according to the student’s schedule of classes and the employer’s hours of operation.  The employer determines if the internship position is paid or unpaid.

Internship FAQs

  1. What is an internship?
    An internship is a temporary work-related learning experience that places students in a professional setting to gain hands-on experience in a specific field related to the student’s desired career.  Internships typically last between 12-15 weeks and can be completed for school credit.  Some internships will also allow students to earn monetary compensation for their work.
  3. Why should I do an internship?
    • Identify personal talents and interests
    • Gain a competitive edge for employment or graduate school admission
    • Integrate classroom theory with on-the-job experience to develop essential professional skills related to your field
  5. What can I expect to gain from an internship experience?
    • Have better defined career goals
    • Gain knowledge and expertise in the field
    • Have the opportunity to gain professional contacts
  7. What will the internship site expect from me?
    • Maintain professional attitude, dress, conduct and ethical standards
    • Respect the site supervisor just as you would an employer
    • Accept challenges; be creative and enthusiastic
    • Apply skills and knowledge to the tasks assigned
  9. What should I expect from the internship site?
    • Learn as much as possible in a real-life setting
    • Be treated with respect just like any other employee
    • Gain the opportunity to make professional contacts
    • Complete the internship with enough material to create a portfolio
  11. How do I get an internship?
    Just start looking! Visit the Point Park Career Network page to get started.
  13. How do I get credit for an internship?
    Register for the internship like you would any other class during the term you plan to intern (fall, spring, summer). Submit a letter from your internship site confirming you have been accepted as an intern. When you have completed your internship, submit an evaluation from your internship supervisor.  Internships are graded on a pass/fail basis.  A minimum of 200 hours must be completed in order to receive credit.

Still have questions?  Contact the Career Development Center for more information.