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Rowland School of Business

Amelia Johnston Studying Entertainment Law


Amelia Johnston What interests you most about the SAEM industry?

I love the entertainment side of the industry, mainly movies and television and how advancements in technology over the recent years has made it even more accessible.   

What internships/work experience have you had?

I grew up doing theatre and singing but did not necessarily want to major in that in college. So i started shadowing Eric Trow at Brunner Advertising Agency. After realizing that I did not want to go the ad agency route, I got an internship with Donna Belajac Casting and stayed for my entire sophomore year. My junior year, I worked at The Talent Group for the whole year also. This past summer, I landed an internship which sent me to Los Angeles to work at Mosaic,  a management/production company founded by Point Park alum Jimmy Miller. They manage Will Ferrel, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Isla Fischer and many more famous comedic actors, writers, and directors.

What are your professional goals?  

I loved my experience over the summer, and plan to move to LA right after I graduate. Hopefully the connections that I have made there will land me a job in entertainment management/production and I will be able to fulfill my dreams of one day becoming a manager with a strong clientele of my own.


Amelia has decided to study entertainment law and is preparing to take her LSAT for entry into law school. 

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