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Amy Schlierf Interns for Major League Lacrosse


Amy Schlierf is planning a career in sports management and interned with the Long Island Lizards, a major league lacrosse team.

SAEM major Amy Schlierf interns with the Long Island LizardsBackground and Area of Interest

I never really thought that I would be on a path toward a career in sports. For my first SAEM career experience, I shadowed the head coach for the RMU Women’s ice hockey team. After spending a good two weeks with him, I realized that this is where I wanted to be. My sophomore year I wanted to put something on my resume that could set me apart from the rest. I sent emails out to the different universities in Pittsburgh to see if I could help out with their hockey teams.  Duquesne University's men’s club team was the first to get back to me. I have now been helping them out for three years. This has really been a great experience. In my junior year, I added a marketing internship experience at Duquesne Athletics. 

About the Internship

I landed an internship with the major league lacrosse team, the Long Island Lizards. General Manager Casey put me right to work with responsibilities that included compiling lifetime statistics for the team and each player. That was a long special project!  Other areas of experience I gained included coordinating PA announcements, compiling game notes for the media, helping out with ticketing and working with the Jr. Lizards. I was given a task of coming up with a promotion that would help get kids to the games. So I developed and implemented the idea of going to different summer camps and spending time with the kids playing games and then give away some tickets and prizes. Also the kids could enter a drawing for them to become Lizards for a game and help out on the bench during a game. On game days the interns and staff got up very early and set up the field. We had to put together the A-frame advertising boards that outlined the field set up various stations like ticketing and merchandise. I set up the ticketing booth because I was the only intern that knew the ticketing computer program. During games I helped out I the ticket booth until the game started. During the game, I helped run the promotions on the field. After the game we stayed into the wee hours of the night to tear down the field. 

Lessons Learned from this Experience

This was an amazing experience that taught me many things. I learned about customer service; it is very important that when you are dealing with a frustrated fan that you need to stay calm and not take it personally.  I also learned how the importance of teamwork. When we would set up the fields, if we didn’t all work together and divide up the tasks then the field would have never gotten up. This internship also taught me a lot about who I am and my strengths and weaknesses. I now have a better understanding of the path that I want to pursue professionally.

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