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Bret Kunash Interns for Epic Records


Bret Kunash's 2010 summer internship with Epic Records in New York City added to his music business resume.

Background and Area of Interest      

SAEM major Bret Kunash interned with the digital marketing department at Epic RecordsI work as the Pittsburgh college marketing representative for Sony Music Entertainment where I am responsible for carrying out marketing campaigns and promotions for the entire city. I also work closely with independent music and lifestyle retailers to secure visibility for priority artists. I am extremely passionate about the work I do for Sony Music because I love turning people on to new music. In May 2010, I concluded a year-long internship with A-F Records, a small independent record label located in Pittsburgh.  A huge part of my work with A-F Records was assisting in the management of the internationally known rock band, Anti-Flag.  I got the chance to help with marketing strategy, including social networking and tour marketing, on-the-road tour management, and running the entire label.

Why I Chose this Internship

When I first found out about the chance to intern anywhere in the world I immediately thought of New York City because it is the center of the music industry and the best opportunity to land the exciting dream job I imagined.  After going through a few options I decided to stick with Sony Music and intern with Epic Records located on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Kind of Work Done in Internship

After speaking with Sony’s HR department about my interests, I was placed in the digital marketing department for Epic Records.  I was primarily responsible for researching specific genres of websites and blogs that were popular within our target demographic.  Throughout the summer I got to work on the digital marketing for Ozzy Osbourne’s new album “Scream”, Shakira’s FIFA World Cup theme “Waka Waka”, and new artists Hugo and Oh Land.  One of my main goals was to research new blogs, contact the owners/bloggers, and get them to write about the priority artist.  Sometimes I would use promotional material to help “grease” bloggers into making a post and other times I was praised for bringing someone the next hot artist. I really got a kick out of seeing the copy that I wrote placed word for word in popular music blogs. I frequently helped write and edit copy for artist email blasts, package and ship promotional materials for the radio department, and update artists' social networking sites.

Lessons Learned from this Experience

My summer interning in New York City has taught me a lot about what it takes to actually be successful in the music business.  Although I have gotten opportunities in the past to see things from behind-the-scenes, this extended period of time was life changing.  I know I am not alone when I wonder, “Do I really have what it takes to survive in the real world?” and after this summer I know the answer to that question is “YES!”  I am not one for clichés but it really is true that if you can make it New York City on your own, you can make it anywhere.

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