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Rowland School of Business

Bryanna Kiselauskas, Intern for The Narrative Group


August 2011

Point Park SAEM major Bryanna Kiselauskas wanted an internship where she could combine her interests in event planning and public relations.  Her internship this summer with The Narrative Group in Los Angeles was a perfect fit.

Pictured is SAEM major Bryanna Kiselauskas at her internship at The Narrative Group.

Background and Area of Interest

Growing up, I was surrounded by entertainment, arts, and sports being in dance and athletic activities.  I’m a very people-oriented person and I’ve always loved to entertain others and be involved in everything possible.  My passion for sports and entertainment is what led me to pursuing a degree in sport, arts, and entertainment management from Point Park.

There are many different areas to pursue in SAEM and I have an interest in entertainment and sports.  In the past four years, I have gained experience in both areas of sports and entertainment through not only jobs but internships where I planned parties and did sports management activities during professional sports games.

Why I Chose this Internship

At a young age I attended numerous events for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and enjoyed the event management aspect.  After taking an event management class my freshman year, I realized that this is something I would like to pursue.  Being a people-oriented person I thought that having some public relations experience would be helpful as well.  So I decided to try an internship where I could get both event planning and PR experience.  I selected a company called The Narrative Group because they do events and public relations and have a good reputation for giving interns hands-on work experience.  I liked what the company was about and their clients.  Working in the entertainment industry has always been a dream of mine and what better city to follow that dream than in Los Angeles.

Kind of Work Done in Internship

While interning at The Narrative Group, I gained hands-on experience in public relations and event management.  With it being a very small company, I was fortunate enough to be trusted with large responsibilities by my co-workers.  I was responsible for doing things such as posting online the event dates and times, preparing the guest lists and items needed for set up, writing pitches for clients and talking to media outlets on the phone about clients and special events.  I consider myself lucky to have interned at The Narrative Group because I don’t feel I would’ve had as much experience if I were at a larger company.

Lessons Learned from this Experience

I definitely gained and learned so much from this internship and the experience it brought.  The most important thing I learned was that time is everything!  A lot of times projects will have short deadlines so it's important to prioritize your projects and manage your time.  I also learned how to create professional relationships with clients as well as how to reach out to others.  At times it can get very stressful and I’ve learned that you need to be able to balance and prioritize your work in order to complete it in a professional manor.  In the end, hard work definitely pays off.

I have learned a great deal of valuable lessons from this internship that I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom.  I am thankful to have had this opportunity and will take everything I have learned into my career after college. One lesson that I encourage to others is to take advantage of every opportunity that is given.

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