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Rowland School of Business

Jeff Morgan, Musician and Account Executive at Showclix


Jeff Morgan How did you become interested in the SAEM industry?

I am very passionate about the entertainment side of SAEM, but more specifically, music.  Since I was 12 years old, I have been involved in composing and performing music.  However, coming to the SAEM program, I have developed a love for the business side of the industry as well.  In addition to music, I am addicted to technology and gadgets.  I am compelled by the impact that they have had in the way that we, as consumers, use them in our daily lives for entertainment.  It is exciting to me to see how technology has impacted the respective SAEM industries, but I am most interested in how it will continue to affect the business of music.

Describe your internship and work experiences.

I have learned the most about the music industry from being in a band myself, which has enabled me to use what I’ve learned about business in SAEM first-hand.  I am responsible for many things, including booking tours, marketing plans, budgeting, production, as well as songwriting and performance.  Through what I have been able to accomplish thus far, we have independently toured, been a part of the Warped Tour and released two albums, all the while gaining national and international fan bases.

I was also a specialist for Apple, Inc., which was an extremely rewarding experience.  Apple is an exemplary company for many great things, but to be a part of revolutionizing the computer and technology industry and learning how people use their devices to enrich their lives was tremendously advantageous to my professional development.

Where is Jeff Morgan now?

Morgan is currently an assistant account executive for ShowClix, Inc. He branched out from his music interest to follow a career path that has led him into ticketing.  Upon graduation, he accepted an inside sales representative position in Columbus, Ohio with the National Hockey League's Blue Jackets.  His ticketing experience at the Blue Jackets led him to accept his current position with ShowClix, a Pittsburgh-based, full-service ticketing company that provides web-based solutions to event organizers, promoters and venue managers across the United States.

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