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Megan Beavis Interns With DDO Artists Agency


SAEM major Megan Beavis interned at DDO Artists Agency in Los Angeles, CA.

Congratulations, Megan!

Megan is now working for DDO Artists Agency as an agents' assistant.  Read more about she landed this position: "Summer Internship at Top Talent Agency Leads to Job for SAEM Graduate."

Point Park SAEM major Megan Beavis gained valuable work experience--and job connections--in the entertainment industry during her summer 2011 internship with DDO Artists Agency in Los Angeles.

Background and Area of Interest      

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to work in the entertainment and arts industry. I grew up dancing and being involved in the industry.  I studied at multiple local and out-of-state studios and still attend conventions to further my knowledge, skills and connections. I have such a passion for dance, the industry and wanting to travel to gain experience and knowledge. Before and while attending Point Park University, I interned with an international dance convention. In the spring of 2010, I completed an internship with The Talent Group, a talent agency located in Pittsburgh where I received experience working with clients, managing and scouting talent (models, actors, and voice talent), and developing professional phone and communication skills. Recently, I have had the opportunity to complete an internship with DDO Artists Agency, located in Los Angeles.

Why I Chose this Internship

I chose to intern with DDO Artists Agency because they are known as one of the few top talent agencies in the industry. I felt that this internship was a perfect fit for me; it suited my strengths, abilities and interests.

Kind of Work Done in Internship

While interning with DDO Artists Agency, I had many responsibilities and gained so much knowledge and experience. I observed the relationships between talent agencies and casting agencies, communicated with casting agencies, worked with contracts and online accounts, learned about different unions clients are involved in, read and understood casting breakdowns, filed check stubs, headshots and personal client information, updated DDO website and social media accounts, assisted with scouting talent/clients, worked with various computer programs, filed and kept entertainment work permits updated for children, called out auditions for numerous jobs (such as Macy’s, Shake It Up, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Tosh.0, Disney, BET Awards, Taio Cruz, Casio, Maroon 5, Nike, Kanye West, and more), and learned how to and conducted interviews and meetings with clients. I also had the opportunity take on the responsibilities of the agents during my internship and got the chance to attend events and shows. I absolutely loved going to work every day and the people in the office. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given and have seen that all my hard work is paying off. I had such a great experience with this internship and have actually been asked to return to the company post-graduation.

Lessons Learned from this Experience

I cannot stress enough that I have learned so much from this experience. Being in an environment much different from what I am used to, allowed me to learn how to adapt easily to new environments. I have learned how to better communicate with people, promote myself and others, make connections and so much more.  I learned how to create great relationships between talent agencies, casting agencies and clients. I also learned all of the elements needed to not only be a successful talent agent, but as a professional in the industry (both the performance and business side). This experience has given me much confidence in myself. I have realized that I can do anything I put my mind to and am ready to take on the “real world.”

One thing that I have learned is that hard work definitely pays off in the end; every little thing that you do does not go unnoticed. I have learned to put myself out there and not be afraid of what people think of you because it will definitely pay off and get you noticed. This internship was such a great experience and I will put everything that I have learned to use in all of my future endeavors. The lessons learned from any internship are innumerable and the experience will help in anything that you want to do. The hands-on experiences are beyond anything that you may learn in a classroom setting. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.

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