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Rowland School of Business

Nick Ceraso Working in Talent Management


Nick Ceraso What interests you about the SAEM industry?

The SAEM industry interests me for several reasons. First, at Point Park it is attractive because there is so much that falls under the umbrella of SAEM. There are so many different directions to explore if you are not exactly sure what your passion is yet.  That brings me to my other main reason: passion. I have always been passionate about what the SAEM industry is about, especially the movie business. It is passion that connects those interested in this industry to it.

What internships/work experience have you had?

My first internship during the summer after my freshman year was with a very small start-up organization called LIFExpo. It was geared towards designing and bringing people out for a weekend-long totally free expo about health and wellness.  After this, I had an internship with another small organization, the nonprofit, Friends of the Riverfront. After this internship was over, I was fortunate to be retained with an "as much time as I can put in" position as program manager, a position I still hold with help from another recent intern. Most recently, I completed an internship this summer at Mosaic Media Group (Mosaic Entertainment).  At Mosaic, I worked as an assistant to the assistants. I did things such as copying scripts for client meetings, covering desks for absent assistants, answering phones and helping the managers with anything they may need. Since being back in Pittsburgh, I have continued to work as program manager at Friends of the Riverfront and have started my desired career as a manager myself, working with local talent for the entertainment industry.   

What are your professional goals?

I have several professional goals but the most prominent one is to reach the top of my chosen industry. One thing I have learned more definitely than anything else in the SAEM program is that while job titles and employers may change, a reputation and desire for the work you do does not.  Ideally, I would like to cultivate a management company into something like Mosaic, and that is what I'm working toward now.  

Ceraso has formed a new business called Scared Bunny Entertainment LLC with services including talent management, corporate consulting and merchandising. He is also one of the founders of "Glitzburgh: Glamour Meetings Giving."

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