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Rowland School of Business

A Look Inside the Music Business


Promoters, Singer and Managers on Music Panel

SAEM students meet with a panel of Pittsburgh music and venue professionalsThis workshop offered different perspectives from behind-the-scenes and on-stage productions of a live music show. I felt that the different backgrounds of all these men gave a very interesting look at the music business.  The main theme was to follow your intuition and not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  All of them, except for John Williams, had never planned on working in the industry. And many did not decide to try their hand in live entertainment until their later years of college or even after. 

Another beneficial piece of information I received from the lecture was the importance of learning as much as possible. It became clear to me that in order to understand the business, you cannot only focus on what your dream job is, but also learn from your experiences in order to become better-rounded.  This also ties into the importance of diversifying your internships when in school.  And never close your mind off to one field or another just because of a bad experience.

As a whole I enjoyed this lecture from the beginning until the end. I felt that the relaxed atmosphere was a perfect environment for the men in the business to share real life stories along with great advice. This lecture has opened my eyes to the live entertainment world and has caused me to look beyond the onstage acts and see the time and effort going on that the audience has no idea about.  I also loved the performance after the lecture, I was taken aback by all the talent the school had within this program and I loved how Greg Joseph had a student playing his classic songs with him.  I felt that this lecture as a whole tied the professionals to the students, and gave the students hope to follow their dreams; yet, being able to believe in yourself enough to roll with the punches.

By Chelsea Cain, SAEM student

Pictured left to right: SAEM Assistant Professor Ed Traversari; Dicesare Engler Promoter Rich Engeler; John Williams, road manager for The Clarks; Mike Sanders, promoter and manager for Mr. Smalls and Greg Joseph singer and songwriter of The Clarks.

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