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Rowland School of Business

SAEM Students Get Inside View on Current Trends in the TV Industry

April 2011

Students in the sport, arts and entertainment (SAEM) program recently attended a panel discussion titled “TV in the New Decade” which focused on how new technology and the proliferation of content are changing television advertising’s traditional business model—and the job market. The panel consisted of four advertising specialists and executives in the local television industry: Michael Hills, Robert Bee, Lisa Edmonds and Doug Allen.

The panel consisted of four advertising specialists and executives in the local television industry.  Pictured left to right are Michael Hills, Lisa Edmonds, Doug Allen and Robert BeeStudent Ashley Morran found the workshop to be very helpful in understanding all aspects of business. “It gave me a better understanding of what all goes into the business and how stressful at times it can be,” she said.

According to student Brea Magnone, the panelists gave great advice on careers and what students can do to prepare themselves. “The panelists did a good job of not just talking about their specific field but ranging to all different aspects of the sport, arts and entertainment industries,” explained Magnone.

Student Amie Hackimer thought the workshop gave great background information on current trends in television advertising.

Robert Bee, director of sales for WTAE-TV and ThisTV, talked about the vast amounts of job opportunities in the television industry. “The TV industry is constantly growing so there is always a great need for experts in the advertising field,” he said.

Student Raymond Pritchard enjoyed how Michael Hills, vice president and general manager of advertising for Comcast, discussed his daily challenges of perception, change, time shift of viewership and ad engagement.

Doug Allen, digital sales manager for CBSPittsburgh.com, spoke about the many jobs he went through before landing his current position and some of the initial challenges of internet advertising.

“Set yourself up for success,” said Lisa Edmonds, local sales manager of KDKA-TV.  For student Hannah Finch, this was the piece of advice at the panel discussion that resonated with her the most.

Article by Tikylah M. Drummond, senior mass communications major

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