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Featured Filmmakers 2009

Brittany Klesic and Noel Schermaier NateSmith-Noel-Brittany

For Noel Schermaier and Brittany Klesic, two Point Park University students, receiving an e-mail from a professor offering an opportunity to work on a documentary was something they could not pass up.

The documentary What Does Trouble Mean? Nate Smith’s Revolution tells the story of one man’s fight to gain construction jobs for African Americans. The documentary, directed by Jim Seguin of Robert Morris University, premiered Oct. 3 at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture in the Cultural District.  Andrew Halasz, a Point Park University professor in the Cinema and Digital Arts program, along with Schermaier and Klesic contributed to the project by doing the post-production sound. “[Halasz] contacted me saying he would be interested,” Seguin said. "After offering to do the post-production sound, he sent an e-mail to students asking if any had an interest in working on the documentary as well."

 “It sounded like a really great project with a compelling story to tell,” Halasz said. “Since we had just acquired new sound post-production equipment and software at Point Park, I thought it would be a great project to make use of and test out the new additions to the program.  I also thought it would be great to give Point Park students the opportunity to work on the project and learn more about the audio post-production process.”

Schermaier, a senior Cinema and Digital Arts major with a concentration in directing, said the possibility of adding to her resume and learning something new was what attracted her to the project.  “It’s knowledge I could potentially use to make myself more marketable for finding some kind of work after college,” Schermaier said. “It was also a good experience to see and practice the different stages involved in sound editing.  I feel much more confident sound editing now after having learned some of the process on an actual project.”

Klesic, a Cinema and Digital Arts major was also thinking of her future when she signed on to do work on this project.
“I wanted to work on the project because it sounded like a really worthwhile, good opportunity,” Klesic said. “I had never worked on a documentary before so I learned a lot about sound mixing for those, and I learned more about the program Protools -both of which will be very helpful for me in the future.  I think the project came together exceptionally well and was really proud to be a part of it.”

Halasz wanted to give students a chance to work with post-production sound. This would give them a better understanding of the post process. Through this, Schermaier and Klesic gained a new skill and a chance to be more than just behind a camera. 
“[This] gives real world experience and allows work with [students] on different levels,” Halasz said.  “The students were incredibly helpful.  Audio post-production on a project of this scope is quite intense. I’m not sure I would have made the deadline without the help of the students."

Story by Kayla N. VanDyne - Co-Copy Desk Chief The Globe

Photo by Kelly Grigg -Staff Photographer - The Globe


Kalie Grove

In Fall 2009, there are three big movies being filmed in Pittsburgh. With these movies come the stars, directors and sets, as well as the possible glimpse of your favorite starlet and the chance of being an extra. However, an overlooked opportunity of these movies is an on-set experience that could be offered with once-in-a-lifetime internships.

Kalie Grove, 18, a sophomore cinema and digital arts major at Point Park University, scored one of these amazing internships. Grove has spent the last three weeks of this semester working in the wardrobe department for the movie "Love and Other Drugs," starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. The shoot will run until December.  

"I help organize clothes and do paper work," Grove said. "It's a lot of work, dull work. In the end, it has rewards. I do have an impact on every aspect." Since she has started, Grove has only been on set a few times, though she has learned much from these handfuls of experience.  "But from the experience I have had, I've learned that it's important that there are separate departments that know exactly what they have to do, and they get it done without really having to worry about other departments" Grove said. "The focus everyone has is incredible because they have only a few specific things that they need to do, and it creates flow and order on set."

Grove found out about the internship through a friend that was also applying.  After sending in her resume, she immediately received a call back. She feels that her call back was given to her because she had a lot of time and no class on Fridays, though others, like Interim Chair Nelson Chipman, who had Grove in Introduction to Screenwriting, disagreed.  "[I] found her to be bright, ambitious and hardworking with the ability to collaborate well with others," Nelson said via e-mail. "These are all traits that you need to succeed in the entertainment industry. With that, I am sure that she is making the most of her on set experience with 'Love and Other Drugs,' that will serve her well once she moves into the world."
Growing up in Baltimore, Md., Grove was always involved in community and church theater, even referring to herself as a "theater geek." After studying at Carnegie Mellon University in their pre-college program for musical theater, Grove came to Point Park because of the growing Cinema and Digital Arts program. 

As a student, her hope is to become an assistant director, which was confirmed after being on set:   
"Being on set has been a great experience for me because it gives me an opportunity to watch people do exactly what it is I want to do.  The assistant directors were so organized and calm on set.  They were laughing and having fun, but they still got things accomplished.  It's the kind of balance that is extremely admirable, and I can't wait to get out on set again to learn more" Grove said.

Story by Kayla N. VanDyne - Co-Copy Desk Chief The Globe

Photo by Kelly Grigg -Staff Photographer - The Globe

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