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Conservatory of Performing Arts

Student Work

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Starting year one, Point Park cinema arts students have the unique opportunity to bring their vision of storytelling to life. Working with their classmates, students produce films, create animation projects and write their own scripts. Check out a collection of their work by clicking on the images below.




Two brothers face betrayal in the post-Civil War American frontier.  

Point Park web features:


Two friends explore the idea of being in love through their dreams.

Heart Of A Bee

After her brother/lover is mortally wounded, a young bee must cope with revealed secrets of hive corruption and something unexpected.

The Big Fold

When an imaginative young boy is accused of breaking his father's prized poker trophy, he takes on his crime detective alter ego to prove his innocence.

Point Park web feature:



After a near fatal accident in 2009, Jonathan Stark finds positivity and adventure through WCMX and his adventure to land a wheelchair backflip.



 After his father's death, a young boy uses his imagination to deal with the inevitable.

City of Asylum PSA

This PSA was created for Pittsburgh's City of Asylum, an organization that provides sanctuary to endangered literary writers and offers a broad range of literary programs in a community setting to encourage cross-cultural exchange.

National and International Festivals that have Featured Student Work:

  • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Cleveland International Film Festival
  • Student Films Across America
  • Dances With Films
  • La Goña Film Showcase, Mexico
  • Rogue Film Festival
  • Three Rivers Film Festival
  • Boston Underground Film Festival
  • And many, many others

    Local Venues that have Screened Student Work:

    • Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Screening Room
    • Harris Theater
    • New Castle Playhouse
    • Pittsburgh Film Kitchen
    • SouthSide Works Cinema