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Conservatory of Performing Arts

Guest Artists & Choreographers

Conservatory Dance Company at the Byham featured choreography by Larry Keigwin, MADBOOTS, Matthew Powell and Sonya Tayeh. Photo | Jeff Swensen
Dance majors trained with Austin Diaz, Jonathan Campbell, Matthew Powell and Sonya Tayeh for the Conservatory Dance Company at the Byham Theater concert

Master Class with Desmond Richardson

Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts regularly welcomes renowned industry professionals for workshops, master classes and presentations. Notable artists regularly set and/or stage works for the Conservatory Dance Company’s performances. Past guest artists and choreographers have included:

Master Class with Claire Beaulieu


  • Laura Alonso
  • Elyse Borne
  • Alan Hineline
  • Christian Holder
  • Darla Hoover
  • Virginia Johnson
  • Stephen Mills
  • Margo Sappington
  • Marina Stavitskaya
  • Lynne Taylor-Corbett
  • Edward Villella
  • Patricia Wilde



  • Danny Buraczeski  
  • Doug Caldwell
  • Frank Chaves
  • Lou Conte
  • Sherry Zunker Dow
  • Danny Ezralow
  • Mary Kate Felber
  • Joe Lanteri
  • Richard Levi
  • Harrison McEldowney
  • Pattie Obey
  • Kevin O'Day


  • Robert Battle
  • Claire Baulieu
  • Sean Curran
  • Randy Duncan
  • Heidi Latsky
  • Bebe Miller
  • Jennifer Muller
  • David Parsons
  • Maxine Sherman
  • JoAnna Mendl Shaw
  • Marshall Swiney
  • Doug Varone