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Conservatory of Performing Arts

Technical Theatre and Design Alumni

Sarah Alspach: Graduate school: North Carolina School of the Arts for Costume Technology

Zack Brown (2006): Sound Designer at the Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia

Buster Bowman (2006): Founder and Manager of Aftershock Productions, Steubenville OH

Nathan Brubaker (2008): Freelance Designer, SD for The Rep production: “Queens”

Jennifer Christenson: Manager of Sales and Installation at Integrated Theater Systems

Jesse Connor: Freelance Scenic Designer Bricolage Theater, Lincoln Park

Niki Ellis (2006): Freelance Lighting Designer (City Theater, PICT, Bricolage, Mr. Smalls). Customer service representative for the southeast at Lex Products

Andrew Ferri (2004): Freelance Costume design (Quantum Theatre “After Mrs. Rochester”)

Johnathan Geller: Technician for the Alchemy Concert Systems, LLC in Basalt, CO

Chad Hain (2006) : Master Carpenter at The University of North Carolina of Greensboro

Sabrina Hykes (2002): Scene Shop Supervisor at West Virginia University

Matt Kaufmann (2003): Technical Director at the Trustees Theatre in Savanna, Georgia. Co-owner; Kaufman-Heinz LLC was founded in July 2011 by Matt Kaufman and Jeffrey Heinz in Savannah, GA as a design, production, and event consulting firm.

Katie Koval (2008): Entertainment Technician Pyro and Lighting at the Walt Disney Company

James McCrory: Production Manager at PEG Prather Entertainment Group

Angelica Joy Miskanin (2004): Freelance Costume Designer; Pittsburgh

Marlene Miller (2009): Freelance Scenic Designer, Opera Theater of Pittsburgh

Meredith S. Murphy (2008): Costume Designer at The Lake Dillon Theatre Company, Crafts Artisan at Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada CO

Scott Nelson (2002): Project Manager at Clear Story

Brian Rutherford: Costume Artist for Disney World

William Joshua Schmiedel (2006): Rigging Tech at Holland America Lines

Caila Ruggieri (2011): Shop Manager at West Virginia University

Dustin Shattuck: Master Carpenter for City Theater

Jeffrey Sherman (2006): Assistant Master Electrician at Point Park University

Jeffrey Small (2010): Freelance Lighting Designer

Rich Szczublewski (2011): Sound Electrician/ Sound Designer for Palm Beach Dreamworks

Alex Windle (2011): Shop Management Apprentice, Walnut Street Theatre, Drafter at Proof Productions

Lilly Wasik (2006): Freelance Make-up Designer

William Thomas Withaker (2008): M/S Dream Automation Tech at Carnival Cruise Line

Mary Kay Yezerski: Hair artist for “The Producers” on Broadway