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Conservatory of Performing Arts

Doug Varone and Dancers visit Point Park

Doug Varone and Dancers will be visiting Point Park University's Conservatory dance program on November 20 for two master classes.  In addition, the Conservatory students will have the special opportunity to watch the company rehearse.

Varone's Company is known for its performers' musicality, acting ability, and kinetic motion. The Company's multi-discipline residencies and intense workshops are very much sought-after. Touring residencies are focused on innovation and creativity through the development of The Company's imagery, concepts and techniques. Winner of two American Dance Festival Doris Duke Awards for New Work and three choreographic awards from the National Dance Project, The Company has begun in recent years to work with opera and theatre companies in addition to its own repertory work. Based in New York, Doug Varone will also be performing at the Byham on November 22.