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Conservatory of Performing Arts

Theatre Showcase 2014

Monday, May 12
Signature Theatre, New York City

Each year, a select group of Conservatory of Performing Arts seniors perform for casting directors, talent agents, managers and other industry professionals in New York City to help launch their careers.

The students represent some of the University's top talent, having earned the chance to participate in the showcases through highly competitive auditions.

This year's showcases were directed by Point Park faculty John Shepard and Jack Allison, with Zeva Barzell, choreographer, Jane Howell, accompanist and Michael McKelvey, vocal arrangements.

In addition to the student showcases, Conservatory alumni in New York City are invited to attend a reception at the Signature Theatre at 7:30 p.m.

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Caitlin Bower Caitlin Bower

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: cmcbower@gmail.com
Phone: 412-952-8846

Height: 5'4"
Vocal Range: Soprano/Belt (G3-B6)

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John Michael Breen John-Michael Breen

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: john-michael-breen@comcast.net
Phone: 978-501-0671

Height: 5'10"
Vocal Range: Tenor: low A to high C (mix up to high G)

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Harrison Buizzato Harrison Buzzatto

Major: Acting
Email: harryb207@gmail.com
Phone: 724-825-5144

Height: 5'7"

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Nik Duggan Nik Duggan

Major: Acting
Email: nik.duggan@comcast.net
Phone: 650-766-6312

Height: 5'8"

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Steven Etienne Steven Etienne

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: stevenetienne1@comcast.net
Phone: 908-268-8439

Height: 5'7"
Vocal Range: Baritone D2-F4

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Ife Joy Ife Foy

Major: Acting
Email: Ife.Foy@gmail.com
Phone: 215-380-9595

Height: 5'2"
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano

Download Ife's Headshot | Resume

Joe Godley Joe Godley

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: joegodley@gmail.com
Phone: 856-630-3370

Height: 5'10"
Vocal Range: G2-Ab4

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Jorie Kosel Jorie Ann Kosel

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: jorieakosel@gmail.com
Phone: 218-329-1531

Height: 5'5"
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano (E3-B5)

Download Jorie's Headshot | Resume

Luke Minx Luke Minx

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: lminx1@gmail.com
Phone: 816-877-2832

Height: 5'11"
Vocal Range: F2-C5

Download Luke's Headshot | Resume

Carly Otte Carly Otte

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: carlymorgan@comcast.net
Phone: 412-973-8213

Height: 5'3"
Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano: Ab3-C#6 (Belt F5)

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Katie Oxman Katie Oxman

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: Katie.Alice.Oxman@gmail.com
Phone: 203-984-1375

Height: 5'8"
Vocal Range: Soprano/High Belt

Download Katie's Headshot | Resume

Anna Rich Anna Rich

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: annamorganrich@gmail.com
Phone: 207-230-4131

Height: 5'3"
Vocal Range: Soprano (G3-F6)

Download Anna's Headshot | Resume

Casi Riegel Casi Riegle

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: casi.riegle@gmail.com
Phone: 816-214-2979

Height: 5'5"
Vocal Range: F3-A5 (Belt G5)

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Joe Rittenhouse Joe Rittenhouse

Major: Acting
Email: jdritte@pointpark.edu
Phone: 610-416-4322
Height: 5'8"

Download Joe's Headshot | Resume

Corinne Scott Corinne Scott

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: corinnelizabethscott@gmail.com
Phone: 585-749-4690

Height: 5'5"
Vocal Range: Belt (F3-F5)/Legit (F3-F6)

Download Corinne's Headshot | Resume

Taylor Shultz Taylor Schulz

Major: Acting
Email: taylornschulz1@gmail.com
Phone: 502-938-6026

Height: 5'4"

Download Taylor's Headshot | Resume

Ryan Thurman Ryan Gregory Thurman

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: RGThurm@gmail.com
Phone: 216-402-6789

Height: 5'7"
Vocal Range: Tenor (G2-C5)

Download Ryan's Headshot | Resume

Erin Ulbert Erin Ulbert

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: erinulbert@gmail.com
Phone: 847-899-0705

Height: 5'4"
Vocal Range: Soprano

Download Erin's Headshot | Resume

Wood Van Meter Wood Van Meter

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: woodvanmeter@aol.com
Phone: 859-229-2222

Height: 6'4"
Vocal Range: Baritenor (E2-A5)

Download Wood's Headshot | Resume

Andrea Weinzierl Andrea Weinzierl

Major: Musical Theatre
Email: waweinzierl@aol.com
Phone: 412-334-8411

Height: 5'9"
Vocal Range: Eb3-D6

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