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School of Arts and Sciences

CSI Summer Camp for High School Students

Pictured is a high school student at Point Park's 2012 CSI Summer Camp.

You are invited to experience a week-long summer camp dedicated to the fields of criminal justice, intelligence and forensics. The four-day event — July 15-18, 2014 — will help high school students understand the job opportunities in each discipline. Point Park professors with years of experience in their chosen fields will instruct students daily in the topics of intelligence studies, criminal evidence, crime scene investigation, trace evidence and crime prosecution.

The camp will be a combination of lecture, student interaction and hands-on experience.

Point Park students in the the Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies evaluate a mock crime scene.
  • Crime scene house processing and evidence lab
  • Hair analysis lab
  • Impression evidence lab
  • Fingerprint lab
  • "Forensic Jeopardy"
  • Mock trial
  • Certificate presentations ... and more!

The total cost for the four-day camp is $150 and includes lunches, T-shirt and supplies.

Registration and Information

Register online for the 2014 CSI Summer Camp.  The deadline to submit your online registration is June 30, 2014.

For questions and more information, contact Edward Strimlan, M.D., at estrimlan@pointpark.edu or

Video from Point Park's CSI summer camp: