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School of Arts and Sciences

Criminal Justice Capstone


If you have an associate’s degree, you can build on your degree by enrolling in the criminal justice capstone program and completing the program in two years.

Our criminal justice capstone program has two interrelated goals.  The first goal is to help you develop a fundamental understanding of the criminal justice system and the political and social environment in which it operates.  To meet this aim, the program combines insights from history, political science, sociology, behavioral science, public administration, law and natural science.

The second goal is to provide you with the skills and training you'll need to enter the field of criminal justice as a professional.  Courses are taught by experienced practitioners who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. Point Park's location in Downtown Pittsburgh makes it easy for judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and police officers to teach here.  It also provides tremendous opportunities for career-focused internships and observations.

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