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Mathematics Symposium for High School Students

Pictured is a Point Park University student raising her hand in the classroom.

Making Mathematics Fun and Accessible for Everyone

If you are a high school student interested in math, you are encouraged to attend Point Park University's annual Mathematics Symposium. At the symposium, you will discover a fun, interesting and accessible approach to engaging in mathematics while learning about career opportunities in this field.

At the symposium, Matthew Pascal, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics, Mark Marnich, Ed.D., associate professor of mathematics and Darlene Marnich, Ed.D., professor and chair of the education department at Point Park University, lead students in hands-on mathematical activities such as:

  • Using ancient Chinese documents (first century, BC) to provoke ways to compute the height of a distant object;
  • Going on scavenger hunts of mathematical persuasion in Downtown Pittsburgh; and
  • Allowing students to showcase their results and computations through PowerPoint presentations.

Lunch is provided and served in the Lawrence Hall Dining Room.

Students who are accepted to participate in the Mathematics Symposium are sent a list of challenging problems to solve before the event. Prizes are given to groups who solve the most problems correctly.

Nominations and Registration

Teachers throughout Western Pennsylvania can each nominate up to four high school students to attend who show an interest in mathematics and/or mathematics education. Students may also apply.

For questions or more information about an upcoming symposium, contact Assistant Professor of Mathematics Matthew Pascal, Ph.D., at 412-392-3892 or mpascal@pointpark.edu.

In the News

Student-produced news video from Point Park News Service