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Foods and Languages of the World (Grades 4-5)

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Foods and Languages of the World -

Teachers: Amy Gigler, Kellie Meyer, Maura Zang
Project Children L.E.A.D. Director: Dr. Vincenne Revilla Beltran
Subject Area: Diversity, Language Arts/History
Grade level: Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4-5)
Length of Lesson: 30 minutes, Day 4 of 7


Learning Goals: The class will discuss German holiday traditions


Day 4


NAEYC Standards:

Promoting Self Regualtion

1.39 Teachers actively teach children social, communication, and emotional regulation skills

Creative Expression and Appreciation for the Arts

2.79 Children are provided opportunities to gain appreciation


State Standards:

Show a Developing Appreciation of a Variety of Art Forms

    1. Understand and shares opinions about others' artistic products and


Develop and Expand Listening and Understanding Skills

1.5 Understand that communication occurs in different ways including various languages, devices, and gestures



Objective: The students will be able to create the German Pickle knowing it is celebrated during a German Christmas.


Materials: www.jeaneepasaro.com/christmas/german.html.16k

Green Paper


Green Glitter



Adaptations to Differentiate Instruction: The class will be given pictures on the internet to look at if they do not wish to create their own German pickles.


Procedure: "The German Pickle"


  1. The class will be introduced to how Germany celebrates their Christmas holiday.

  2. The class will then be told the story of the German pickle.

  3. The class will work with the teacher in creating their own German pickle out of green paper, glue, and green glitter.

  4. The class will then hang the pickles from their holiday Christmas tree in their room.


Key Experiences: Language Development, Social Interaction, Creative Representation