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English and Creative Writing Degree


Assistant Professor Sarah Perrier, Ph.D., leads a creative writing workshop. Read about students in the English and creative writing degree program at Point Park.

Nurturing Creative Writers

Students who are passionate about creative writing can develop their interests through hands-on workshop classes and literary seminars at Point Park University. At our Downtown Pittsburgh campus, undergraduates can pursue a English and creative writing bachelor's degree or a creative writing minor working in a variety of genres including:

Student Profile

Pictured is English/creative writing major Jesse Padjune.
Read a Q&A and watch a video interview with English and creative writing major Jesse Padjune.

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  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Fiction
  • Poetry

Creative Writing Workshops

Our English and creative writing major offers a series of workshop courses in which students focus on practicing and refining their craft. The seminars, from introductory to advanced, are based on the production of creative work and constructive feedback from faculty and fellow students. The workshops are the hallmark of Point Park’s writing program and are designed specifically for the University’s creative student population.

Undergraduates in the creative writing major will also take a slate of diverse literature courses so that they may constantly be engaging the life of a literary text at every point — from the first draft's raw inspiration to the published work's ongoing vitality, apart from its author's vision or context. Students must complete one course in the form and theory, culture and tradition of creative writing. Students in the major will also complete a capstone seminar in which they write a 30-40 page manuscript in their selected genre.

Hands-On Writing Experience for the Real World

Point Park offers students in the program rich opportunities for practical experience. In addition to the craft-oriented workshops, the University hosts a literary artists club and regularly welcomes nationally-known authors to lecture and work with its writing students.

Students in the creative writing major:

  • Analyze important works in the genres they study;
  • Define the most important elements of genres they study;
  • Apply their understanding of creative genres by writing their own creative works;
  • Refine their voices as writers; and
  • Prepare to pursue an M.F.A. degree or a career in the arts or other profession.

Creative Writing Classes

You will receive a well-rounded education through Point Park's core curriculum and classes in the English and creative writing major. Some of the courses in this Bachelor of Arts program include:

  • Creative Nonfiction Workshop
  • Major American Authors
  • Fiction Workshop
  • The English Novel
  • Poetry Workshop
  • Exploring Art Through Prose

For a comprehensive list of program requirements and course descriptions, see the program guide and School of Arts and Sciences course descriptions. Students can also choose to minor in English/creative writing.

Careers in Creative Writing

With a bachelor's degree in English and creative writing, you will have the option to pursue various career opportunities, such as:

  • Poet
  • Author
  • Writer
  • Publisher
  • Columnist
  • Playwright

Point Park Writers' Series

The Department of Humanities and Human Sciences in the School of Arts and Sciences hosts Writers’ Series events on campus each year. These events include public lectures and master classes in the areas of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.