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School of Arts and Sciences

Confluence Psychology Alliance

A Special Interest Group of the
American Psychological Association's
Division 32, Humanistic Psychology

Always fighting apathy!

Confluence is an undergraduate humanistic psychology alliance that offers a place for multiplicity and diversity of thought, community, friendship and pro-action/activist outreach. We are open to all majors — all those interested in the psychological life of fiction, film, dance, politics, music, philosophy and everything else under the sun. We are unapologetic about our intellectual pursuits and unabashedly passionate!

Confluence embraces the belief in interparticipatory and interdisciplinary experiences and exchanges.  We imagine all students as themselves points of confluence — drawn to learn, engage, relate and change.   

Robert McInerney, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology and

Founder/Advisor of Confluence

McInerney advisor

Check out Professor McInerney's faculty video.

Emily Jamison

Co-Chair of Confluence

Pictured is Emily Jamison, junior psychology major and chairperson of the Confluence Psychology Alliance.

I am currently a junior psychology major. I'm incredibly excited to be one of the new co-chairs for the Confluence Alliance. I have participated in many different clubs and organizations so far during my time at Point Park including serving on United Student Government, SAEM Club, Campus Activities Board, Honors Student Organization and have been an orientation leader. I'm originally from State College, Pa., but currently reside in south Oakland with my three beautiful roommates and our neighborhood stray cats. I'm ready to jump right into the events for this year, and believe we can make a wonderful impact on Point Park and the surrounding community.

Aidan Daughenbaugh

Co-Chair of Confluence

Pictured is Aidan Daughenbaugh, junior psychology major and chairperson of the Psychology Confluence Alliance.

I am a junior psychology major at Point Park University. I am interested in clinical, cross-cultural and child developmental psychology. I hope to work with children and incorporate my love and appreciation for the arts through expressive therapy. I was born and raised in Erie, Pa., but I am currently residing in Beechview with my older brother and cat. I am extremely excited to be chair of Confluence this year. I am also confident that we will make a difference at Point Park University and within the Pittsburgh community!

Mary Terrett


Pictured is Mary Terrett, junior behavioral science major and administrator for the Confluence Psychology Alliance.

I am a junior behavioral sciences major here at Point Park. I’m from a small town called Barnesville in Ohio and moved to Pittsburgh to attend Point Park. In the past, I have done a lot of work with children and the developmentally disabled community. I am very interested in continuing to be involved with both of these populations of people. I am also very interested in traveling and working abroad, as well as working with the homeless community. After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school and pursue a career in social work. Confluence is the first club I have had any serious involvement in, and this is my first year doing so. I am very excited for the opportunity to commune with other students interested in psychology and being active in the community. I am also excited to be heading up this alliance with such a wonderful group of girls who are dedicated to helping this alliance thrive and reach its fullest potential.

Elizabeth Fry


Pictured is Elizabeth Fry, psychology student and treasurer of the Confluence Psychology Alliance.

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Psychology Confluence Alliance here on campus. I cannot wait to work with this fantastic group of people to facilitate togetherness and awareness in the Point Park community. My interests in psychology include but are nowhere limited to community, child development and addictions counseling. I hope to attend grad school in the future and do as much traveling as I can possibly fit in. I'm originally from southcentral Pennsylvania but now reside on Mt. Washington with two wonderful roommates. I cannot wait to see what wonderful things we will accomplish this year in Confluence!

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Criteria for Membership*

1. We ask that members give their student ID numbers (for record purposes).

2. We ask that members exhibit an active participation by responding to Confluence communication (i.e. the Confluence Psychology Alliance Facebook page, Confluence e-mails, Postings on Orgsync.com etc.).

3. We ask that members exhibit an active participation by making an attempt to be involved in, and attend, most activities and meetings.

*Membership criteria is decided upon by the students of Confluence

Interested in being a member of Confluence?

Contact Faculty Advisor Robert McInerney, Ph.D., at rmcinerney@pointpark.edu

* Point Park University is located in Downtown Pittsburgh near the confluence of three rivers (Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers). Confluence means “with flow” or “streaming together” and describes both a place as well as continuous change. As streams come together they are momentarily both individual and undivided; they are never static, never simply one or many. The interstice of self with other within the University is the point of confluence.  And so, we imagine all students as temporary points of confluence drawn to learn, engage, relate and change.    

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