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Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Educational Objectives


"Program educational objectives" are statements of the knowledge and skills that recent graduates of an educational program are expected to demonstrate in their personal and professional lives. Point Park University faculty, in consultation with the program’s industrial advisory committee, have established the 11 objectives listed below for graduates of the Bachelor of Science degree program in mechanical engineering technology.

Objectives Relating to Knowledge

Have the basic knowledge and fundamental concepts required by a practicing mechanical engineering technologist:

1.  Employers rate our graduates as highly valued by virtue of their acquired excellent technical knowledge.

2.  Employers rate our graduates as highly valued due to superior ability to apply knowledge.

Objectives Relating to Design and Analysis Skills

Show competence in using modern tools for design and analysis.

3.  Employers rate our graduates as highly valued by virtue of their broad and current skill set.

4.  Employers rate our graduates as highly valued by the virtue of their ability to initiate improvements to existing practice and respond to changing circumstances.

Objectives Relating to Problem Solving Skills

Demonstrate strong problem solving skills.

5.  Employers rate our graduates as highly valued by virtue of their ability to think creatively.

6.  Employers rate highly the graduate’s job performance as a team member when involved in collective problem solving activities and project work.

Objective Relating to Communication Skills

Possess effective oral and written communication skills.

7.  Graduates project confidence in their dealings with others by virtue of a broad liberal aspect of their education.

8.  Graduates demonstrate attention to detail and a high regard for quality.

Objective Relating to Lifelong Learning

Demonstrate a desire for lifelong learning and self improvement.

9.  Graduates pursue a second degree and/or a higher degree.

Objectives Relating to Ethical Conduct

Understand the proper role and responsibilities of a mechanical engineering technologist in society.

10.  Employers rate our graduates as highly valued by virtue of progress toward a license to legally certify their work and that of others within the company.

11.  Graduates benefit from involvement in ASME by virtue of the social consciousness which the society promotes among engineers and technologists.