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School of Communication


JOUR 311

The practicum (JOUR 311) is required of every student in the School of Communication and prepares students for their careers by involving them in professional work under the supervision of a faculty or staff member. Students apply their talents and theory to a practical application within the University. One credit is given. The practicum should be taken in the sophomore year as "basic training" for internships in the junior and senior years. The TV practicum is suggested for upper-level students.

Each student will commit to 70 hours of work during the semester on a project or application directly related to the student's career focus - advertising, broadcasting (radio or television), photojournalism, print journalism, public relations, etc.

The project should be part of a journalism medium or department in the University. Media may include existing publications and broadcast facilities (including the student-run media or a new media. Departments may include public relations, admissions, or areas of the University with special communication needs.

It is the student's responsibility to secure a practicum experience within the University. However, the School of Communication office has a list of some available practicum positions.

A practicum contract for, completed and signed by the student and the practicum site supervisor, must accompany the student registration or schedule change request and be submitted to the School of Communication chairperson for approval. Broadcasting majors with a TV concentration who register for the Jour 311 class are exempt from this requirement.

Students must keep the faculty supervisor informed of progress, submit a log of work completed, write a review of the practicum experience, and have work to include in a portfolio.

For more information, pick up a Practicum packet in the School of Communication office.