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Information for Loan Borrowers

Information for Loan Borrowers

There are several different programs students and parents can utilize to borrow funds for their educational expenses.  Point Park University develops student budgets based on living expenses for on and off campus, books and supplies, and miscellaneous and personal expenses.


  • All first-time student loan borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling when completing the Master Promissory Note online.


  • All student loan borrowers can obtain repayment information and calculators at studentloans.gov
  • All students who graduate from Point Park University or who do not return for subsequent semesters of enrollment are notified of the requirement to complete Exit Counseling at studentloans.gov.
  • Students who want to obtain general budgeting and student loan repayment information are encouraged to visit www.youcandealwithit.com and sign up for a free monthly newsletter.  This website also has information on credit card debt and can assist students with all types of personal financial assistance.
  • A student can have their loans deferred for payment due to service in the Peace Corps and/or service in the military. 
  • There are other deferment and forbearance options as well for students who continue to graduate school and/or students who find themselves temporarily unable to make student loan payments due to income levels. 
  • A listing of the current deferment and forbearance options is available to students at studentloans.gov.
  • If you have trouble making your payments, various repayment plans and alternatives to assist you in avoiding default are available at hesschools.com.

Point Park University works with Higher Education Solutions to help students navigate the student loan repayment process.