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Private Loans

Considering a Private Loan?

A private loan for education should be utilized only after the student has applied for other forms of aid from the federal government, including federal loan programs, with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Private Student Loan Marketplace

After you and your family have considered federal loan options, you can use the Pennsylvania Private Student Loan Marketplace to compare rates and terms from multiple private loan lenders.  

The Marketplace displays products from local and national lenders, complete with detailed listings of APRs (annual percentage rates), interest rates, total cost, monthly payments, borrower benefits, fees and repayment options.

Point Park University does not endorse any lender either on the Pennsylvania Private Student Loan Marketplace or any other lender.  You have the right to choose any lender for your private loan option and Point Park University will certify any loan from any lender you chose.  Participating lenders pay fees to Overture Technologies for completed promissory notes and these lenders receive them through the Pennsylvania Private Student Loan Marketplace.  Neither Overture Technologies nor any participating lender pays fees or provides any other compensation or incentive to Point Park University for referring students to Overture’s Pennsylvania Private Student Loan Marketplace.

Read more about the Private Student Loan Marketplace, including the lender selection criteria, the list of participating lenders and all application disclosures. If you are considering a private loan, it is critical that you review all Private Student Loan Marketplace information.

Download the Pennsylvania Private Student Loan Marketplace PDF

Consult the Pennsylvania Private Student Loan Marketplace website