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General Information

Graduate & Adult Enrollment: General Information for All New Graduate, Accelerated and Part-Time Students


Registration for your first semester classes can be completed online through PointWeb, by individual appointment or by email/fax. Please ask your admissions counselor for assistance. Coursebooks for each semester are searchable through PointWeb and available online.


The Financial Aid Office is located in the Student Service Center on the first floor of Thayer Hall. All students can apply for financial aid. You will be required to complete a federal form (FAFSA) to be considered for such.  You can easily complete your FAFSA form online at fafsa.ed.gov. The Point Park University school code is 003357. Call the Graduate & Adult Enrollment Office at 412-392-3808 or the Office of Financial Aid at 412-392-3930 for further details. (International students are not eligible, but may be considered for merit-based scholarships.) Point Park University Alumni qualify for a small discount.


The Student Accounts Office is located on the first floor of Thayer Hall. Students receiving a corporate tuition benefit from their employers can defer the portion of their tuition their employers will be covering until the completion of the semester by filling out a deferment form. Employer reimbursement forms are available online. All billing is done through this office, so students requesting information or making payment arrangements can call 412-392-3424.


The University Bookstore is located on the first floor of Lawrence Hall.  You can purchase your books any time prior to the start of classes.  Call 412-392-3448 for details on hours.  Students can arrange to have books shipped to them for a nominal shipping fee through the bookstore. Visit the bookstore online at http://pointpark.bncollege.com.


Accelerated students may be assigned a pre-assignment before course work begins.

  • M.B.A. students should check their Point Park email accounts and Blackboard for pre-assignment information.
  • For all other accelerated courses-if a course has pre-assignments, you will be contacted before the beginning of the semester.


The Health Services Center (second floor of Thayer Hall) provides emergency treatment and referral services to all Point Park University students.  For questions, please contact that office at 412-392-3800.


Once you have registered for classes, you should go to the Student ID Office – located within the Public Safety Department on the first floor of Thayer Hall to have your photo identification picture taken. Students attending courses at any off-site location can come to Point Park for a picture ID or a non-picture ID will be mailed to your home once classes have begun. If you have questions regarding your photo ID please call 412-392-8066.


In an effort to better disseminate emergency information, Point Park University's PointALERT Emergency Notification System will alert students, faculty and staff during, and only during, a campus emergency or weather alert. Powered by e2Campus, this system is a mass notification system that can alert you with a text message on your mobile phone, email, wireless PDA, as well as RSS feeds on the Point Park University Homepage. Be sure to register for PointALERT.


For full-time Graduate Students interested in campus housing, The Residence Life (Housing) Office is located on the first floor of Conestoga Hall. For a complete packet and pricing, contact the Housing Office at 412-392-3824. Graduate students must be full-time (i.e. nine credits or more) in order to live on campus.

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act of 1990, Point Park University will provide “reasonable accommodations” for students with disabilities. All requests for such must be made through the Program for Academic Success Office at 412-392-3870.