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Step 3: Contact our counselors with questions

If you have any questions during the readmit process, please contact an admissions counselor based on what your student status will be:

  • Full-Time Students (those wishing to take 12 or more credits)

  • Part-Time Students (Undergraduate students taking 11 credits or less on a part-time basis.)

  • Accelerated Students (Undergraduate adult students taking 12 credits on an accelerated basis.)

  • Graduate Students (Those students who were previously enrolled in a master's level program and are returning to complete the program.)

What happens next?

Once you have worked with your counselor to be readmitted to Point Park, all that's left to do is register for classes. Your counselor can help you get started. Registration can be completed online via PointWeb or by appointment, whichever is most convenient for you.

We look forward to seeing you back in the classroom!