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Transfer Student Appeal Process

After transfer or new students have their credits assessed via an articulation agreement or an individual review of transcripts, students need to carefully review their Advanced Standing Evaluations for any omissions or errors.

If any are discovered, students have the right to appeal on those grounds, as well as the appropriate placement of courses on their program guides toward degree completion.

Those appeals can occur through a faculty process upon admission to Point Park or during their enrollment, following the steps outlined below.

  1. Upon admission to the University and receipt of the Advanced Standing Evaluation, the student can contact the director of articulation and special projects with a description of the specific item(s) being appealed and an explanation for the appeal. The director will consult with the appropriate department chair or faculty designee. The director has 10 calendar days to make a decision and respond to the student. This response will include contact information for further appeal to the department chair and appropriate faculty if it is denied. The student can then follow the procedure outlined in No. 3.

  2. During their time of enrollment at Point Park, students can request a review of an Advanced Standing Evaluation for omissions and errors after meeting with their faculty advisers. The faculty adviser will review course materials and descriptions provided by the student, compare those materials to Point Park courses and then make a recommendation to the department chair.

  3. If the situation is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, he/she may appeal in writing within 15 calendar days to the department chair. This document must explain why the decision at the informal level should be changed. The department chair can either review the materials or appoint a faculty committee to discuss and review the appeal. Either the department chair or the committee person has 10 calendar days to make a decision and respond to the student.

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