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Kristen Veseleny Women's Basketball Player Blog -- Entry #5

Posted on Feb. 13, 2012 (4:15 p.m.)



Moving on up!  This week we found out that we moved up two spots in the national ranking!  We are now ranked 23rd!
(Editor's Note: The Pioneers were No. 23 in the Feb. 6 Top 25 Poll. A new poll comes out Feb. 13 at 5 p.m. ET) 

Coach gave us off practice on Sunday (Feb. 5).  But we were back to work on Monday.  Knowing our next opponent was Walsh, practice was intense.  We ran over our plays and went over our defenses.  This week Jonc got Player of the Week!  Good job Jonc!

We faced Walsh on Tuesday, February 7.  It was another away trip but thankfully not a very far one.  The game didn’t end up as we liked it too.  We lost our first game in over two months…by two points.  We played our best and everyone gave 100%.  I don’t like to point fingers when we lose, but all I have to say is that the fouls at the end of the game were 22-12 in favor of Walsh. 

However, how can we be upset about losing one game in over two months?  We have so much to be proud of in what we accomplished.  In a way, I think we are all happy, for lack of a better word, about the loss.  We needed to lose one before the playoffs.  Now that we have one under our belt, we are back to reality and know that anything can be taken away from us at any moment.  On to the next one.

The team didn’t dwell on the loss at practice.  We went back to the basics.  Preaching defense and running our offense.  We were preparing just like any other game.

On Friday (Feb. 10), Maeve’s mom cooked us dinner. Chicken alfredo, salad, and angel food cake for dessert.  It was so good and yet another chance for our team to bond.  Thanks again Mrs. Gallagher!

We faced Roberts Wesleyan on Saturday for the second time.  They were on a 6 game winning streak.  We put an end to that one!  We won 57-39 with Katresa being player of the game with 18 points!  Once again we had a nice crowd---thanks to our new student section “The Herd”.

On Sunday, we faced Fisher (the team we played in Boston).  It was our senior rec night.  We beat Fisher. In doing so, we clinched atleast one home playoff game!

Before the game, April, Jonc, Kristen, Terrica, Emily and myself got recognized.  It was bittersweet.  For our senior gifts, we got a Target gift card, a GetGo giftcard, a framed team picture, and a blown up picture.  Which were of course funny!  We got some good keepsakes.

After the game, we had a little get together with pizza, pop and cupcakes.  To see everyone enjoying the day brought a smile to my face --yet another moment where I stopped and took it all in.

This week we have to prepare for Carlow on Tuesday (Feb. 14) and then our last regular season game at Daemen (Feb. 18)!  Where has the time gone? 

(Haley Sauer, here’s your shout out girl!)


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