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Basketball Player Blog

Kristen Veseleny Women's Basketball Player Blog -- Entry #8

Posted on March 7, 2012 (9 a.m. CST)



This week has been a very exciting one!  After the huge win on Saturday (Feb. 25), we had off on Sunday to soak all of this in.

On Tuesday (Feb. 28), we had a meeting to get all the details of our trip.  We found out how we were getting there.  We were all afraid we would be taking a bus which would of been 16 hours…no thanks.  We are flying to Omaha, Nebraska and then taking an hour and a half bus ride to Sioux City, Iowa.  A lot of traveling but we’ll make it fun.

Our hotel is 6 blocks away from where the Tyson center (the gym where the tournament is taking place) so in walking distance and it’s also close to attractions (shopping!)

On Wednesday (Feb. 29), we had a pairings party in the JVH.  Coach bought us pizza and pop.  The broadcasters were there too.  And president Hennigan even made an appearance.  Thanks for the support guys.

At 7:30 p.m. (on Feb. 29), we found out that we will be playing a No. 3 seed Corban  University. They are from Oregon and their record is 23-7, which is close to what our record is at 23-6.  We don’t play until Thursday (March 8), which is nice because we can soak everything in.  The games start on Wednesday (March 7), so we will have a chance to hang out at the gym and watch the other teams play. 

Friday (March 2), we started practice again.  Needless to say we were a little sloppy coming off of not having a week of practice.  We mainly ran so we could get our legs back.  Saturday and Sunday were basically the same, just on Sunday we went over defense.  

I think we are all excited and anxious to go.  For most of us this is the first time we’ve been to something as big as nationals for sports.  The experience will only make us closer as a team and another memory to cherish.

Check back on a day-to-day basis, I will be posting a daily blog on what we do while we are in Iowa.

Here we come Sioux City!