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Basketball Player Blog

Kristen Veseleny Women's Basketball Player Blog -- Entry #6

Posted on Feb. 21, 2012 (at 10:45 a.m.)



Despite losing to Walsh, your Lady Pioneers moved up one spot in the national rankings!  We are now ranked 22nd (as of Feb. 13)!  This is another first for the program.

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), we faced Carlow.  It was there pink game and senior rec night.  They gave us long sleeve black t-shirts with pink writing to warm up in and keep, which I thought was nice!  Also, when they recognized their only senior, they also recognized all of us seniors too.  They gave us each 3 flowers (one gold, one green and one white…our team colors), which was a very classy gesture.  We ended up winning that game, and everyone got a chance to play.  When we all get to play, it’s nice to see how we have a lot of talent and depth that a lot of teams don’t. 

With this win, we now get the No.1 seed in the AMC Tournament and get to host playoffs!  This is another item we can cross off of our list of things that coach gave us in the beginning of the year to accomplish!  Our first playoff game will be on Tuesday, time is to be announced.

Coach gave us Wednesday (Feb. 15) and Thursday (Feb. 16) off to rest our bodies because from here on out we won’t have a lot of days off considering the playoffs are right around the corner.  It was nice to relax and get our bodies rested up.

We have seemed to continue the team dinner on Friday thing ever since the first spaghetti dinner, so Momma V (my mom) decided to cook this time.  She made us tacos (chicken and beef) and added a sundae bar.  It was all very good and once again we all had a good time.

On Saturday (Feb. 18), we faced Daemen.  The bus left bright and early at 8:45.  The trip wasn’t that far, which was nice.  We had a good following to cheer us on.  Thanks to all of our fans.  The game didn’t end up the way we would have liked it too.  We lost by a good bit.  Because we lost, we are co-champs, sharing the title with Daemen; something we weren’t too happy about. 

But we have a lot to be proud of, and we just have to come out and show everyone on Tuesday (Feb. 21) how good we are.