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Summer Dance Workshop

Updated: May 26, 2017

Dance Workshop

July 17 to July 28, 2017

Two-Week Technique Program
No Audition Required

Enrollment Limit: 75 students ages 10 and older

Number of Openings: 19

Registration Form  

006 2R4A1526 2R4A1555

Dates: Program begins July 17, 2016, and ends July 28, 2017

Schedule: Classes are held Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Tuition: $700 (includes daily lunch buffet)

Full payment due: June 2, 2017

REGISTRATION FORM: A non-refundable deposit of $100 must be included with the registration in order to hold a spot in the program. THIS FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  If the program becomes full prior to receiving your registration, your deposit will NOT be processed and the student will be placed on a wait list. Should another student drop out, we will call the first person on the wait list to see if they still want to participate in the program.   If so, we will deposit your $100, if NOT,  we will RETURN your deposit since you were never officially registered for the program. Please call with any questions at 412-392-3457. The non-refundable deposit is only valid for confirmed registered students.

Participation Agreement - Must be completed in order to attend the progra2R4A1548m.

The First Day - Orientation Letter

Dance Schedule

Dance Dress Code

Sample Schedule

Monday through Friday
9:30 to 11 a.m. - Ballet Class
11 a.m. to Noon - Pointe Class or Strengthening Class
11 to Noon - Tap (Tues. and Thurs.) or Pointe or Strengthening Class
Noon to 1 - Lunch
1 to 2:30 p.m. - Jazz or Modern
2:30 to 4 p.m. - Modern or Jazz


Refund Policy:

  • Withdraw before June 2 - $100 non-refundable
  • Withdraw from June 3 to June 25 - $140 non refundable - 80% of tuition refundable.
  • Withdraw from June 26 to July 9 - $210 non-refundable - 70% of tuition refundable.
  • Withdraw from July 10 to July 16 - $280 non-refundable - 60% of tuition refundable
  • Withdraw after July 17 - $350 non-refundable - 50% of tuition refundable


  1. Can I register online? No. The registration form must be mailed to our office. Once the student is registered, payment can be made online.
  2. Can I register over the phone or fax my registration?  Since this program has a limited number of students, we cannot accept a fax or register students over the phone. To ensure that all registrations are handled in the same manner, please print, complete and mail the registration to the address below. 

Phone: 412-392-3456055

Email: community@pointpark.edu
Website: www.pointpark.edu/community


Point Park's Community Classes 
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15222