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Graduate Assistant, Sports Media

Graduate Student Assistantship (GSA):  Office of Academic and Student Affairs: Sports Media and Marketing

The Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing of Point Park University focuses on regional, national and international topics and trends in the fast growing sports industry. The Center brings leading executives from all facets of the sports and entertainment industries to the Point Park campus to speak at workshops and seminars. The Center for Sports has hosted featured guests from Nike, Turner Broadcasting, ESPN, NBC Sports, and Pittsburgh professional sports teams.

Hosting an average of three events a semester, the Graduate Assistant to the Center for Sports is responsible for coordinating all event logistics including travel, marketing and design. The assistantship also includes overseeing the daily operations of the Center which consists of fulfilling set office hours, organizing the Student Advisory Board, working closely with undergraduate students and maintaining University relationships.

The Graduate Assistantship (GA) award is equivalent to full-time tuition and fees, plus a monthly stipend of $800 up to a maximum of $6,400 per academic year (September through April).  Full-time tuition is for nine graduate credits per term, up to a maximum of 27 graduate credits per year, if the student’s position and/or program includes summer enrollment.

Room and board, additional tuition charges, books and incidental costs are not included.

Point Park University’s Graduate Assistantship program is designed to provide financial support and stimulating, practical learning experiences to graduate students.

Graduate Assistant positions require up to 20 hours of project-based work per week and are only open to students who are registered, full-time degree candidates.

Graduate Assistantships are awarded for a one-year period and are renewable for a second year. Both United States citizens and international students are eligible to apply.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

3.50 GPA in undergraduate major

3.25 GPA overall

This graduate assistantship will run for the fall term (beginning September 2015 – April 30, 2016) with a possible renewal for the summer and/or the fall term depending on performance.

The student must be enrolled in graduate classes within the MBA program and/or MA in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Interested students should submit a letter of interest, official undergraduate and graduate transcripts (if earned), letters of recommendation, and other pertinent application materials to:

Keith A. Paylo
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Point Park University
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222-1984



Point Park University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.