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Director of Online Learning

POSITION: Director of Online Learning

PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Director will ensure that each student has the level of academic, technological and services support needed to excel and graduate from their chosen program though long-term and day-to-day management. Working with the University Executive Team, the schools, department chairs, The Learning House (TLH) and providers of student support services, will ensure that online programs meet the needs of current and prospective students while aligning the vision and mission of Point Park University. The Director will be the first point of contact for issues related to academic offerings, new online offerings, curriculum revisions, faculty performance, marketing, outreach and the appropriate provisions of student services.


  1. Master’s degree in education/higher education administration/relevant academic discipline (Ph.D or Ed.D preferred) 
  2. Knowledge and experience with online education technology as a modality for educational delivery
  3. Experience with content management systems and student data base systems
  4. Minimum 3 – 5 years administering an online program and supervising staff
  5. Knowledge of higher education administrative procedures involving curriculum design and development, bursar, registrar and admission processes as they relate to online programs delivered in a non-traditional academic schedule
  6. Background working with students and faculty engaged in online learning
  7. Experience with marketing, lead generation and yield activities designed to enroll students in fully online programs
  8. Experience in leading strategic planning and continuous refinement of strategies and tactics in a fast paced environment           
  9. Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a team oriented environment that includes students, faculty, staff, and students
  10. Evidence of excellent communication skills with students online, verbally and in writing


            Planning, Direction, Coordination

  1. Establishes administrative practices for tracking students, potential students and instructors.
  2. Acts as the liaison between TLH and the University
  3. Acts as the liaison between academic departments and the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) for faculty performance concerns, polices, student issues, and faculty evaluations
  4. Works with the VPAA and the faculty on unified course formats to provide consistent, seamless, and user-friendly online courses.
  5. Verifies training of online faculty.
  6. Maintains online program and course offerings
  7. Directs the work of staff assigned to the Division of Online Learning
  8. Coordinates research initiatives related to online education.
  9. Recruits online faculty, as needed, and provides recommendations on hiring to the VPAA or her designee.
  10. Administers the Online Division budget.
  11. Assists in the establishment and execution of administrative practices for tracing students, prospective students and instructors.

Coordinating Faculty Support

  1. Provides first line contact and assistance for online faculty
  2. Coordinates and conducts training for online faculty in the development of online instructional materials and methods.
  3. Assists online Faculty in obtaining and using instructional technology hardware and software.
  4. Conducts formative assessments of online faculty teaching abilities, recommending opportunities for improvement.
  5. Communicates with University support services to support online faculty, students, and prospective students to make the online experience seamless, user-friendly and effective.
  6. Keeps abreast of new developments and research in online education and shares the information with the University leadership, schools and departments.

Student Support

  1. Facilitate informational needs of students and potential students.
  2. Provide for technical assistance for students in cooperation and coordination with the University IT department.
  3. Respond directly to student concerns and take appropriate action based on University SOP and policies.
  4. Coordinate student support services with University and TLH resources.


  1. Participates in marketing discussions with TLH, Point Park University’s Director of Enrollment Marketing.
  2. Assists with the identification of target markets.
  3. Assists with the development of marketing messages and collateral material.
  4. Solicits assistance as needed in the recruitment of online students.
  5. Assists with evaluating effectiveness of online marketing.

Assessment and Reporting

  1. Communicates with the Executive Team, Steering Committee department chairs, online faculty, and online students about issues and events concerning online programs.
  2. Assists with the establishment and oversight of a program for use in the research based evaluative criteria in the assessment of online programs, courses and faculty evaluations.
  3. Establishes and completes required reports for online programs.
  4. Coordinates and cooperates in the usability testing of the online program’s website.
  5. Reports to professional associations on status of the online programs, as needed.
  6. Provides assistance, as needed with the training of faculty prior to course implementation including instructional planning and student evaluation.

Qualified applicants should forward a cover letter and resume via email to HROffice@pointpark.edu (preferred) or mail to:  
Point Park University
Human Resources Office
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

When responding via email please reference - DIRECTOR OF ONLINE LEARNING - in the subject line.

Please submit documents in Rich Text (.txt) Word document (.doc) or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf).

All emails submitted will receive an automatic confirmation email.  Due to some junk mail filters, the confirmation email may not reach you.  To ensure receipt of the confirmation email, utilize the return receipt option built into your email program when sending your information. 

  Due to the high volume of resumes received, Point Park University will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding the status of your resume. If we determine that your skills and experience match the position requirements, we will contact you to discuss the opportunity further. If you do not hear from us, we encourage you to revisit our website at www.pointpark.edu for the status of the position and future opportunities. 

Point Park University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.