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State Work-Study

State Work Study

Students are hired for State Work-Study jobs on campus over the summer from May 11th until August 16th.  There are specific requirements in order to be eligible for State Work-Study such as:

  • Be a Pennsylvania resident.
  • Be enrolled at least half-time (6 or more credits) in a PHEAA-approved higher education institution, in a program of study at least two years in length.
  • Be eligible for a PA state grant or have an unmet financial need verified by the financial aid office, if a graduate student.
  • Be able to benefit from a career-related work experience in a high-tech or community service job.
  • Not be in default of an education loan or owe a state grant refund.

Information is available in Human Resources currently. The positions will be posted shortly on Blackboard for Point Park students and other interested students can contact Joan Dristas at 412-392-4782.