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Dear Editor,

Thank you for keeping us updated! We receive the email newsletter [from the Alumni Office] and we also get The Point regularly, and that helps keep us part of Point Park. My wife Cabrini (A&S 1969) and I were both from the "Neanderthal" age, when Lawrence Hall was a “new” acquisition for the school. In those days, WPPJ-670 AM had just completed new studios and offices, on the second floor overlooking the “big hall,” across the street from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater studios [then located at the corner of Wood St. and the Blvd. of the Allies]. It was the beginning of a “brave new world' – a dream by 'the few' that started it all. And what Point Park has become is another point in the never-ending evolution of a little junior college "that could." Cabrini did what she loved from that 'point' forward, and she has now been teaching for four decades, plus! My journalism and communications professors were the best; WPPJ-670 gave many J&C students our start in radio. Soon many of us became the founders of WDVE 102.5, then an ABC network-owned and operated radio station in what was considered a major market, the envy of many! Not bad for two kids with dreams, eh? Having done many speeches and forums, I've talked with a lot of people, and my optimism has never been greater. This group of students is the future, and the future looks just great.  Point Park University is a wonderful example of what happens when you dream, then put your dreams into action! Great things await today’s students, and if they continue that tradition, then the sky is the limit...again! We are both very thankful to have been part of Point Park's commitment to educating those who have a burning desire to learn. The education we both received there gave us the foundation for building our future – as it ended up, together! So thanks to all those who went before, those who are doing great things there now, and those who are our “gifts for tomorrow” – the students of Point Park University!' Thank you and God bless!     

William H. (Bill) Bruun
Ft. Myers, Fla.

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