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Your Career Guides

Career Development staff members can help you to develop your educational and career paths so that you reach your end goals.

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student — or have already graduated — if you need help with a resume, want to be prepared for an interview, are looking for a full- or part-time jobs or an internship, or need some career and/or education direction, Career Development staff members are your resource.

Career Counselors

Coordinator of Employer Relations


Elsie Boucek
Career Counselor — School of Communication

Boucek is a member of the Public Relations Association of America, Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education and the Media Association of Pittsburgh to help her stay on top of the many facets of the communication field.

Boucek focuses on helping students with writing and resume workshops. She is active with various communication-focused organizations on campus, including the Advertising Federation (AdFed) and Public Relations Student Society of America.

Boucek is Myers Briggs Type Indicator certified and has extensive experience using the MBTI in career counseling, leadership training, personal growth and development, teaching style and learning style.

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Laura Dulaney
Career Counselor — School of Business

As the career counselor for business students (and alumni), Dulaney stays on top of business-related issues through her involvement with PCKIZ and WestPACS. You'll often find her presenting to business classes across campus, like SAEM classes, on how to approach career development.

Along with collaborating with Point Park’s Athletic Department to conduct career development presentations to student athletes, Dulaney presents during the career preparation course each semester to Sport, Arts and Entertainment Management students. 

She is Myers Briggs Type Indicator certified and brings eight years experience in Values, Skills and Interest Inventories.

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Santina Frazer
Career Counselor — School of Arts and Sciences

To assist her School of Arts and Sciences students and alumni, Frazer stays involved with the Pittsburgh Education Recruitment Consortium, Federal Career Fair, Non-Profit Career Fair, and the Call To Serve Partnership for Public Service.

When she’s not in the center working with students or updating the Career Development Center’s Facebook Page, she is giving career-oriented presentations to various Arts & Sciences classes, including Education and Biotechnology.

Frazer is a Meyers Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner.

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Angela Scaramucci
Coordinator of Employer Relations

Angela is responsible for developing relationships with internal partners and external sites to increase internship and employment opportunities for Point Park University's students and graduates. She coordinates and manages employer on campus recruitments, career fairs, employer receptions, as well as internship and job postings.

She collaborates with the Sport, Arts, and Entertainment Management Department on the Annual Sport, Arts, Entertainment, and Media Career Event and assists students and employers with the Point Park Career Network website.

Scaramucci is also an instructor in the School of Business where she teaches the Sport, Arts, and Entertainment Management Career Preparation Course.

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