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More Student Success Stories

Elizabeth BirdsellElizabeth Birdsell

Major: SAEM
Grad Date: December 2011
Company: Pittsburgh CLO
Title: Group Sales Coordinator

Recent graduate Elizabeth is now the Group Sales Coordinator for the Pittsburgh CLO. With a background in Sport, Arts & Entertainment Management, her new job is a perfect fit. Her daily tasks include group ticket sales, coordinating special events and providing customer service.

Elizabeth initially learned about the Career Development Center through the University Experience class her Freshman year. She credits her success to her exceptional Point Park education and the professional guidance she received from the Point Park Career Development staff.

“After each visit, I have felt like I received not only quality assistance but also specialized, personal assistance. I know that I have also made life-long contacts in Career Development to help me throughout my career, even as an alumna.”


Ryan Uhrig

Ryan Uhrig

Major: Criminal Justice
Grad Date: December 2011
Company: Pittsburgh Department of City Planning
Title: ADA Compliance Assistant (Intern)

After losing his previous job, Ryan learned about the Career Development Center through the Point Park University website. He came into the office to improve his resume as he began his new job/internship search. Career Development assisted Ryan in tailoring his resume to make it more presentable to potential employers. Career Development also supplyed Ryan with information for several internships related to his field of study, including the current position he holds with Pittsburgh Department of City Planning. At his new job, Ryan engages in several projects, such as improving Pittsburgh’s National Airport accessibility, working on the city’s Parks & Recreation Book, investigating and following up on field work, and other various activities.

“I would certainly recommend the Career Development Center's services to any Point Park student because they can greatly help you to improve your resume, as well as making you aware of potential opportunities.”


Shiho pic1Shiho Nagai

Major: Advertising and Public Relations
Grad. Date: Spring 2012
Company: Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania
Title: Public RelationsIntern

Shiho visited Career Development to learn about the first step to finding an internship for the summer. She met with School of Communication Career Counselor Elsie Boucek, who helped her with her resume, writing a cover letter and practicing for her interview. After working with Elsie, Shiho received her internship at the Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania, where she plans and promotes events, designs brochures and attends board meetings.

"Career Development helped me a lot because they taught me how I am supposed to be in a society, such as having a responsibility. Since I am an international student, I had a lot of things I did not know about internships. I recommend Career Development because they have a lot of information about internships and I am sure students can find what they want to do as an internship to achieve their goal. Most of all, people in the Career Development are very nice and friendly!"


Hannah Frye

Hannah Frye

Major: AD & PR
Grad Date:
December 2011
Social Media Coordinator/ Project Manager

To have an employer mention your stand-out resume during an interview is a compliment. Hannah was able to achieve that stand-out resume with the help of Career Development. After landing her current job, Hannah now creates and implements Facebook campaigns and contests, posts daily content for clients, and creates new ways to engage an audience through social media.

“Everyone is different, everyone has specific goals and unique skills, and Career Development takes those into consideration to help you create a resume that represents you.”


Jeff pic3Jeff Snyder  

Graduation Date: Spring 2010
Major: Instructional Studies
Employer: PNC

In Spring 2010, Jeff was finishing his senior year at Point Park University, and today he holds a position as a Court Accountant for PNC Wealth Management Group. He has traded a book bag for a briefcase and spends his days preparing schedules and releases for clients, beneficiaries, administrative and financial officers. He credits his knowledge of accounting and financial concepts to his Point Park education and says that it was the guidance from the Career Development Center that helped him to understand how to be a better job seeker.

"I know what employers look for and how to catch their attention, as well as how to approach and interview with employers. Because it is a tough economic time with the job market, students should definitely take advantage of the services Career Development offers.”


Carla Face Small WebCarla Leininger

Graduation Date: Fall 2010
Major: Masters in Journalism & Mass Communications
Employer: Zenith Infotech, Ltd.

Carla first visited the Career Development Center to learn about possible employment opportunities. Not only did she learn about job openings and undergo a cover letter review, Carla learned about other positions beyond her work experience that could utilize her talents. With help from the career counselors Carla learned that it takes networking to expand the horizon of opportunity!

“At times when you are job searching you get stuck in your ideas and perspectives. If you see a counselor at Point Park they can help you see the market through their eyes, which in turn, can light a new bulb in your mind. It’s beneficial to have someone coaching you through the process and helping you to stay focused and motivated.”


Eric's PictureEric Probola

Graduated: December 2010
Major: Global Cultural Studies
Minor: Political Science

Eric initiated his visit with the Career Development Center because he didn't  know how to make a resume. Now Eric is an administrative assistant for the Overseas Planning Team at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, a perfect fit for his Global Cultural Studies major! Eric helps with everything from event planning, coordinating meetings, emailing donors and staff, to also editing important documents. With help from Career Development, Eric was able to build confidence and the tailored resume he needed to get the attention of employers and land his first post-graduate job.

“My visit to Career Development was my first step in my job search, and it's true that the first step is the hardest. Once you go to Career Development, your job search feels real. That's scary, but it's also reassuring to know that Point Park has an office with great people willing to help.”


Dana New PicDana Meiers

Graduated: May 2010
Major: Business Management
Employer: USPS Office of Inspector General

Dana is currently an Audit Evaluator for the USPS Office of Inspector General and has held this position since June 2010. While her title is auditor, she has been detailed to help maintain the audit program and troubleshoot for the agency.  In addition, Dana has taught several training courses, instructing new and current employees on the use of the program. Dana initially visited Career Development for resume assistance. Before becoming a full-time employee, Dana was an intern for the agency. When the full-time position became available, she met with career counselor Amy Bittner, who assisted her in updating and improving her resume. Dana then applied to the position with her revised resume and was later hired as a full-time employee.

"Students should visit the Career Development Center because it can help them improve in many ways.  Not only will they help you with your resume, they can serve as a resource to help students find jobs."


Picture1Caitlin Atkinson

Graduating: May 2012
Major: Advertising/Public Relations (Advertising)
            Digital Media (Design)
Internship: Make-A-Wish Foundation

After getting help from Career Development in preparing her resume, practicing for interviews and finding suitable internships, Caitlin got not just one, but two intern positions with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  She works with the Marketing and Communications department, as well as with Fundraising and Special Events, designing and writing articles for a print newsletter, writing Wish stories used by marketing in newsletters to educate and increase referrals to organization, and writing press releases to distribute to media contacts.

“Amy helped me with interviewing questions to make me feel comfortable when I went to my interview. I felt very prepared and confident.”


Jamie Inferrera_Website PictureJamie Inferrera

Graduated: May 2010
Major: Journalism and Mass Communication
Minor: Dance
Employer: State Representative Daryl Matcalfe

After graduating from Point Park, Jamie became a Legislative Assistant for Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe. She now accompanies the State Representative to events and assists constituents with state-related issues, as well as helping coordinate media requests, develop social media and create press releases. She contacted Career Development in her sophomore year to get help with her resume, but she also learned important tips about how to conduct a successful and memorable interview and ultimately obtain a job.

“Career Development helped me to become a more competitive job candidate.”


Josh ManculichJoshua Manculich

Graduated: May 2009
Major: Dance
Minor: Psychology
Employer: Thodos Dance Chicago

After graduating from Point Park, Josh landed a job with Thodos Dance Chicago, where he teaches, choreographs and performs with Thodos Dance Chicago. He not only tours in Chicago, but also nationally too! Josh choreographs Thodos dancers and Chicagoland dancers, which gives him the opportunity to have works selected into the performance repertoire. Being a former work-study of the Career Development Office, Josh was able to see and experience first hand the help that the office can provide.

“Career Development has taught me the importance of a single piece of paper reflecting the uniqueness of your personal path, talent and ambitions. To get that to reflect on a cover letter or resume is very important in the job hunting world.” 


ashleyblum_halfAshley Blum

Major: Broadcast Journalism '07
The City of Pittsburgh Police Department
Clerical Specialist

Initially, Ashley visited the Career Development office to get help on fixing her resume. During her visit, she was guided on how to make her resume more effective and appealing to potential employers. She also completed personality tests that helped her assess what her strengths and weaknesses are and what would be a great career path for her.

"This really helped me to decide how I wanted to direct my career and ultimately led to my decision to go back to school and get my Master's Degree," Ashley said.

Currently, Ashley is attending the University of Pittsburgh for her Master's degree and works in the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Central Records and Reporting Unit.

"Career Development really helped me to discover my strengths and use those to my best advantage," Ashley said.



 Nicole Henninger

 Print Journalism, Spring 2009

Lucille Plummer

Legal Studies, December 2009

 Jamie Inferrera

 Print Journalism, Spring 2010


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