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Know the Costs of Commuting

Living on campus or off campus

On campus or off campus, you'll need similar things: a room or apartment, furniture (like a bed, couch, table, chairs), utilities (like electricity, water, heat), Internet, cable TV, meals and food. When you live on campus, you pay an inclusive room and board fee that covers most of these expenses. If you live off campus, you will likely have to pay for many these expenses, on top of your monthly rent. And don't forget to factor in the costs of how you'll get to campus.

Estimate your transportation costs

A blue sedan pulls into a parking garage entrance on the Boulevard of the Allies across from Point Park University. When you’re on campus, you can walk to classes, meals, the library, activities, etc., so you won't have transportation costs. And if you want to go to the mall, Student Activities arranges shuttle trips at various times.

If you’re off campus, you'll need to add in the costs of driving to school, including parking, or buying a bus pass. Or, depending on where you live, you could bike or walk to school.

Transportation costs may include your vehicle, gas, mileage (wear and tear), upkeep (oil changes, inspections, etc.), possible repairs, insurance and parking. Take a minute to estimate your transportation costs.

If you live on campus

If you choose to live on Point Park's downtown campus, one room and board (food) payment covers your living expenses. Along with your room and bathroom, all on-campus residents are provided with the amenities students expect and need, including

  • Ethernet service, providing direct access to the Internet, email and online campus resources (for classes, study groups, library resources)
  • Cable TV
  • Furniture and beds
  • Appliances (in certain buildings)
  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas)
  • Laundry facilities — free in each building (as part of your contract)
  • Security 24/7/365
  • Meal plan options, for meals and food at a variety of locations

Check out the Office of Student Life to learn more about Point Park's residence halls and living on campus.

If you live off campus

If you live off campus in an apartment or house, you will need to consider the costs for each of these items as they apply to your living situation. Some of your living expenses may include:

  • Living space (room, apartment, house)
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Security
  • Furniture (for example: a bed, couch, chair(s), desk, table)
  • Utilities (electricity, water, heat)
  • Laundry facilities (washer, dryer)
  • Internet access
  • Cable TV
  • Food
  • Transportation, whether you drive and park or take the bus

You may choose a living space that offers some of these things, like water and WiFi, but other locations require you to pay for them individually. Make sure that you do your homework — ask the right questions — so that there are no surprises and you understand what's included in your rent, and what isn't.

Calculate the costs of where you live

Regardless of where you live, it's best to be aware of how much it costs overall. interactive calculators on the CashCourse website can help you to make informed financial decisions throughout your college years (and into your professional life). You'll find useful articles and interactive calculators that can help you to

On-campus resources for all

The wide variety of Point Park resources are available all students, no matter where you live.

Please take the time to confirm office hours before you visit any of these resources. Many have office hours on evenings and weekends, or they can make the time if they know you'd like to stop by.